Have you ever seen a large banner strung across the road, advertising for an upcoming community event, or hanging above the entrance to a shop, indicating a massive holiday sale? Did you ever wonder why these thin, pliant signs are so commonplace? Simply put, it’s because the of materials involved, which are processed in such a way as to combine strength with striking visuals.

They may be thin, but banners are anything but delicate. PVC banners have long been the standard when it comes to creating a handsome, durable and versatile presence through print media. They are waterproof and fire retardant. Here are some questions that you might ask yourself before investing in a PVC banner.

What Is PVC Anyway?

PVC stands for polyvinyl chloride, and this often gets shortened to vinyl. It is a lightweight and hard-wearing kind of plastic, and it is affordable.

Vinyl banners can be used effectively in almost any environment, and there are different types, for different installations. Depending upon where it’s going to be hanging affects considerations such as size, weight and material.

What Is a Proper Weight for My Banner?

When it comes to the weight and thickness of paper, fabric or any other nonwoven material, the unit of measurement is grams per square metre, or GSM. Typically, PVC banners range from 200 GSM to 900 GSM. The lower the number, the thinner the banner, and the less it weighs.

The higher the number, the more apt it is to be able to withstand outdoor elements. A notable exception to this rule of thumb that a heavier banner is better for outdoors can be found in a pvc mesh banner.

This type of construction combines the rugged flexibility of PVC with the mesh concept that allows a percentage of air to flow through the banner. PVC mesh banners are excellent for outdoor installations, particularly in windy conditions.

What Is Denier and Why Is It Important?

Denier is a term that references the thickness of the filaments of which a textile product is composed, and the density of the weave.

This is an important consideration when it comes to strength and durability. The higher the fabric density, the stronger the material. This is the reason that you could easily tear a piece of paper in half, but would have a much more difficult time trying to tear a PVC banner.

What Is a Scrim Vinyl Banner?

A scrim vinyl banner is another excellent choice for an outdoor installation. Scrim vinyl is reinforced with polyester cording in a grid pattern, which means that it is stronger and better able to last in the elements. The backside of the banner shows the cording, while the front is smooth and ready for text and graphics.

What Is an Appropriate Finish for My Banner?

Answering this question very much depends upon the placement of the installation because light has such an effect on the banner. A glossy finish will reflect light back toward its source, meaning it could potentially have a glare if placed where it is exposed to bright or alternating light.

This could make it difficult to read or interpret the banner’s message. Contrarily, if installed in a more controlled situation, especially indoors, the gloss will make the words and images on the banner pop with more vibrant definition than a matte finish, which is more muted.

A matte finish is less reflective because it absorbs light. This means that it’s a better choice for outside, because it’s going to be easier to distinguish what is on the banner, even under the sunniest skies.

What Is The Difference Between Backlit, Frontlit and Blockout Banners?

When we discuss banners in these terms, we are discussing how the material is composed to best use light against the graphics on the face of the banner. A backlit banner is designed to be lit from behind, and the material allows for maximum light diffusion.

Frontlit banners, conversely, are designed to be lit from the front. Blockout banners have a layer of material that creates an opacity that is perfect for creating banners with two faces. Again, the choice here depends on where the banner is installed.

What PVC Banner Is Right For You?

If you have a message to get out there, there is a PVC banner to fit your needs. After you make some early decisions, such as size and placement, then you’re ready to head out to a vendor to begin making the rest of your choices.


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