When you’re in the market for a pool table, the choices can sometimes seem overwhelming. However, remember that there are two major selections for you. The first is the size of the table you want. The second is the style of the pool table. Simply remember the two choices you have elected, and you should be able to find the right table for you in no time.

Bar Size Pool Table

Around 7 feet in length, the bar table is just marginally more substantial than a tiny table. It is often found in houses that are on the smaller side, as well as in bars and other public establishments that have limited floor space. Although it is smaller than a pool table that conforms to professional standards, it is nevertheless rather widespread. The length of the total playing area is about 78 inches. You should be able to locate one without issue with your local pool wholesale table vendor.

Whenever you compete on a bar table, the shorter distance will make it simpler for you to produce fantastic shots; nevertheless, you also may run into various disadvantages. When looking to purchase a pool table of this kind, you should be on the lookout for features such as firm pockets or dead rails. You may find it more challenging to strike your strokes if you use a cue ball that is bigger than the standard size.

Regulation Size Pool Table

The length of a normal pool table (https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/pool%20table), on the other hand, is eight feet. In this game of pool, you have the option of playing either nine or eight balls. It doesn’t matter how much experience you have or how good you are at pool, this table is the ideal size for playing the game at home. You will have a lot more room to move about on this sort of pool table, which makes it ideal for executing trick shots. However, it is of a size that allows you to make improvements to your defenses.

Modern Style Pool Table

One of the most well-liked looks is the modern pool table, which often has clean lines and bright, athletic hues like blue and red. The style of billiard table that you see here is the kind that would make any home gaming room appear fantastic.

You may also decorate this kind of billiards table with a variety of designs, such as the logo of your preferred sports franchise. You also have the choice of purchasing a contemporary pool table with a darker finish, which is known as a modern table. This kind of billiard table is somewhat similar to that of a contemporary pool table; the primary difference is that it is often constructed out of wood.

Traditional Style Pool Table

Even though there are modern contemporary pool tables, there are also others that adhere to the game’s more classic aesthetic. The classic kind of pool table is distinguished by its elaborately carved feet and legs. In addition to this, it has diamond-shaped sights and rails made of solid wood, both of which may help you improve your aim.

Craftsman Style Pool Table

You might even go for an artisan billiards table if you have the room in your budget for it. Craftsman pool tables are often made to order and have basic lines, polished wood, and visible dovetail joints in addition to being completely unique. It is possible for it to blend in well with the other pieces of furniture that you already have in your house. In addition to that, it has a sturdy construction and airy legs, so it will look good no matter where you decide to set it.

Industrial Style Pool Table

The iron legs plus crossbars of the industrial billiards table set it apart from the competition and make it stand out as a unique option in this category. For more on the style and construction of pool tables, including crossbar construction, click here.

The iron element of the industrial billiards table is a prominent attribute or attribute of this style of pool table because, when combined with the longevity and traditional appearance of wood, it creates a striking contrast. In addition to this, it has clean and uncomplicated lines, which direct attention to the legs as the primary structural and aesthetic component.

Farmhouse Style Pool Table

If you are searching for a billiards table that has a look that is a little bit more rustic, then a game room that is designed in farmhouse style must be your selection. This kind of billiard table is often crafted from solid wood and has cross-bucket trusses, which may enhance the overall appearance and ambiance of your house.

Some of the models come with excellent stains already applied, giving them a more rustic look. Because of its lasting good looks and high-quality construction, this is the sort of billiards table that can be handed down from parent to child generation after generation.


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