The world is a bit of a mess right now, and sometimes you just need to kick back, relax, and zone out with some calming and meditative content.

Luckily for you, there are so many free online resources for mindfulness and meditation that you’ll never run out (and if you do, we admire your commitment to zen).

We’ve got some of the best meditation videos (or best meditation channels) that we could find all in one place for you to get started on your meditation journey or at least a journey toward peace.

Keep reading for a few of our favorites and why we think they’re the best on the net.

Meditative YouTube Channels

1. Yoga With Adriene

This is a personal favorite. While this isn’t all meditation-based, the channel has some meditative content and focuses on mindfulness and the power of intentional breathing.

Yoga isn’t for everyone, but Adriene’s soft voice and gentle instructions lead to a yoga practice that will leave you feeling good, not frustrated. Yoga with Adriene doesn’t ask for you to have a strong and powerful body. She asks for you to be mindful, present, and ready to learn.

On the other hand, if you want to build some muscle or get your blood pumping, she can do that too.

Watch her videos if you need the guidance, or listen to her while you’re on the go by using the best Youtube to mp3 converter that you can find.

2. Dr. K (Or HealthyGamerGG)

This is an unusual choice, but if you’re someone who’s never bought into “meditation”, Dr. K might be more your style.

He’s a psychiatrist with a twitch channel who likes to incorporate meditation into his playtime.

He has videos for specific kinds of guided meditation. Whether you’re a newbie just looking for a beginning spot, or you want to focus on something like anxiety, he wants to help you out.

He’s approachable and less “woo woo” than many mindfulness and meditation channels, so he may be up your alley.

3. Michael Sealy

How do you feel about hypnosis? Does the idea weird you out, or are you open to the experience?

If it sounds good to you, check out Michael Sealy’s videos for hypnosis and guided sleep and meditation.

You may find his Australian accent pleasant, and his voice is just soothing enough to put you to sleep if that’s what you’re looking for.

Even if you don’t “believe” in hypnosis, you might benefit from giving his channel a listen. This isn’t the mind control kind of hypnosis. It’s meant to put you in a calm and meditative state.

4. Lina Grace

Another soft speaker from the southern hemisphere, Lina Grace is another Youtube meditation expert ready to keep you calm.

She has guided meditations for all kinds of different problems. Whether you want to sleep better, forget your ex-boyfriend, or just drop some anxiety at the door, she has a video that can suit you.

You can turn her channel on while you sleep and let her soft accent work its magic. She can also be found on Spotify and other streaming sites if you prefer to go that route, and she is a professional in her field.

In other words, she’s a great starting point and a good person to trust for this kind of work.

5. The Honest Guys

With a name like that, why don’t you want to trust them? The Honest Guys don’t want to hurt you. They want to help you. They’re even honest about it.

They have several varieties of mindfulness meditations available for your listening pleasure and even go into deep breathing and mindfulness. They don’t ask you to resist your bad feelings, only to accept them and let them pass.

They’re great for beginners or people who are well-versed in meditation and just looking for something new.

6. Headspace

Headspace is a popular platform for mindfulness and meditation. They have an app, but they also have a Youtube channel for more accessibility from a laptop or desktop.

They don’t have all of their content on their Youtube channel (after all, what would the app be for?) but they do have enough content that can help teach you important lessons about how to live mindfully and interact with the world in new ways.

This is a beginner-friendly app and channel, so if you’re just dipping your toes in, this might be for you.

7. Gabby Bernstein

Do all of these channels seem too sleepy for you? Why does all meditation happen when you’re going to bed? Aren’t there any other options?

Gabby Bernstein focuses on a more upbeat style of mindfulness meditation. You can listen to her on a walk or a run, or just when you need some positive affirmations while you’re going about your day.

Consider not listening while driving just in case she makes you a bit too relaxed.

8. Jason Stephenson

How aligned are your chakras feeling right now? Is the answer “not enough?”

Jason Stephenson and his meditation music might be the answer for you. The sounds are soothing and won’t distract you from mediation or sleep.

This meditation focuses on “energy healing” so it does fall on the “woo woo” end of the spectrum, but it might be exactly what you need.

9. Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche

This expert meditator is a Tibetan Buddhist meditation master, so he probably knows his stuff.

His style is different from the other meditation on Youtube mentioned before, but he can also help to explain the meditation process rather than simply practicing it with you.

If you want a more “natural” way of doing things, try this channel.

Who Do You Think Has the Best Meditation Videos?

Some of the best meditation videos on the web can be found on these calming channels! Whether you’re looking for some sleep hypnosis or you just want to soothe some anxieties, check these channels out and see if they’re right for you!

For more on peace and mindfulness, check out the rest of the site.


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