Technology has changed the way we live, work and play. Interior decorating is no exception to this trend. Today’s technology offers a wealth of resources for professional interior designers and anyone looking to jazz up their living space with innovative designs.

Technology is influencing in many ways how to build our homes and spaces in more ways than we could have imagined. Consumers, as well as designers, have continuously been using technological trends to take design into their own hands for creating and designing new home spaces including home workspaces and furniture pieces.

In this post, we’ll look at a variety of ways by which technology can make an impact on the look and feel of your house, apartment or work environment. Let’s get right to it!

Online Interior Decorators

Designers are now creating their own websites that offer virtual tours of their work, services offered as well as their contact information. This provides a way for people to find what they want without having to leave the comfort of their home and go into a store or visit an individual designer’s website and thus gives a relaxed feeling to the otherwise tedious process. Many online interior decorators also offer the option of doing the majority of their work remotely.

Not only does this save time but it also saves money because this means you do not have to worry about expenses that come with shopping such as paying for gas and so on. The provision of discount deals for first time users is also another advantage that these websites often offer which is something physical stores cannot do because of their overhead costs.

This thus provides a convenient and yet fulfilling way of performing interior decorating tasks, making them fun and enjoyable. Websites which offer online interior decorator services include , and so on.

Online Interior Decorators

3D Printing

There is no way we could leave out the developments in 3D printing in design. Although 3D printing has been around for 30 years, it was mostly used for prototypes and concept models. Now, 3D printing is drastically transforming the ways designers create, produce and manufacture.

There is even a true story about a single-story office building in Dubai where people actually work. The building cost $140,000, which is much cheaper compared due to reduced labor costs as it only took 17 days to print while it was assembled and opened on 23rd of May, 2016. As it is entirely printer-made including the furnishings and interior designs, it can be found inside Dubai’s Emirates Towers and now serves as the temporary home for the Dubai Future Foundation.

Apps Influencing Interior Decorating Ideas

There are currently a lot of apps out there which users use for interior designing including Houzz and Pinterest which offer pictures as well as how-to video tutorials which inspire creative juices in interior decorators as well as graphic designers.

These apps are wonderful as they offer consumers the ability to find out about any type of interior design element, from furniture to paint colors and everything in between with just a few clicks whether on their phone or smart device. Various Apps also offer advice to anyone trying to start a new business or project.

An example is the House Beautiful app. These apps also offer articles providing tips on how to decorate a living room, kitchen, bedroom, and more. It is therefore a great resource for anyone who wants ideas on how to make their home feel like it’s theirs.

The use of Apps also provides people who do not live in areas with easily accessible interior design stores with opportunities to browse through a virtual online store/warehouse.

Virtual Voice-Activated Assistants

Alexa, Siri, Google Assistant are all voice-activated assistants which all easily provide helpful answers to interior design questions. They also offer suggestions on questions such as what to paint on a wall, what interior design styles to choose or decide on and so on.

Virtual voice assistants provide answers to a variety of interior design questions and also provide websites that provide such services which reduces the general overwhelming feeling a person would get normally without having an assistant.

Virtual voice assistants have steadily been gaining popularity in recent years because they offer user convenience as well as accessibility to information about interior design which is especially important for elderly people who want to stay in their homes as they age.

The voice assistants also offer a way for people with visual impairments or disabilities who are not able to navigate mobile devices screen-to-screen due to the lack of tactile feedback. Not only do these voice assistant apps give them access but it is also an affordable alternative that does not require expensive accessibility software.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI can help you find new home décor ideas or offer suggestions for new paint colors. With AI, you can receive personalized recommendations and cost estimations with just a few clicks of your mouse!

AI is also great for those who want to be able to control their home from anywhere which means that they are never too far away from making changes if necessary. A really cool feature about AI is that it can help you figure out what color to paint a room and offers suggestions for complementary colors.

Smart Home Appliances

Smart homes are just as much a thing as smart watches. The new age of technological integration into our everyday spaces is right around the corner. From smart fridges telling you what you need to buy when you’re in the supermarket to smart kitchens showing you your schedule and even recipes based on the food you place on the smart counter. The opportunities for seamless integration, efficiency and information sharing in the home is exciting.

Virtual Reality Rooms

VR rooms allow users to experience what it would be like if they were walking around inside a virtual building, where users can design themselves. The rooms are created through the use of 360-degree video footage that immerses you in the experience with sound and visuals.

This technology is great for interior decorators because it gives them the ability to showcase their work before physically making anything by allowing clients to explore what style of furniture they want in their living space before the final design is set.

This technology is also great for anyone looking to furnish a new home, apartment, or office because it allows them to see how furniture looks in any size room and choose from an unlimited number of styles without spending hours at stores trying different pieces out.

This saves time and money which is especially helpful for people who are not experts in interior design. Besides the benefits mentioned above, virtual reality rooms also offer a low-risk way to explore different decorating styles without actually making any changes because it is all done virtually.

Final Words

We all know how stressful deciding on new furniture and interior designs is. However, with this simple guide, you’ll be able to decide on innovative ways of spicing up your apartment with technological trends and thus enriching your home/work life experience.


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