Car lovers hold their prized possessions very close to their hearts. If you own your own car, you can certainly relate to the unconditional love that the vehicle demands! While watching it cruise on smooth roads makes your heart happy, dealing with old and damaged parts is heart-wrenching, to say the least.

Over time, some parts will need replacement, especially if you drive frequently. Keep your car running like a well-oiled machine by investing innew high-performing car parts. This way, you won’t have to deal with sudden (and potentially dangerous) emergencies in the middle of the road.

If you are willing to give your beloved car a long and healthy life, it is important to focus on its maintenance. Many car owners take extremely good care of their vehicles during the first few months and get lazy thereafter. Never make the mistake of procrastinating when it comes to maintaining your car, no matter how protected you keep it.

Here are some of the simplest yet most important tips to keep your car in good condition:

1. Tend To Small Scratches Before They Get Worse

Car owners often make the mistake of ignoring small scratches on their vehicles. Although they do not spoil the entire look of your car, it wouldn’t take much time before they do. As soon as you encounter even a small scratch on your car, make sure you remove it and restore the spotless look of your vehicle. Removing scratches from your car wouldn’t just give it a better look but would also prevent the scratches from getting worse and causing bigger damages to your vehicle.

2. Keep A Regular Check On The Engine Oil

The engine oil of a car is equivalent to blood in the human body. If you need your car to live a long and healthy life, make sure that you check its oil on a regular basis and change it whenever required. It is always advisable to check if the oil is pumping within your car at the right levels.

You can check the oil levels in your car using a dipstick test and consult your mechanic if the levels are extremely low. On average, most manufacturers claim that a standard engine oil has the capacity to last for 15,000 km. However, it is advisable to change the oil after 10,000 to play it safe and ensure reliability.

The frequency of changing the engine oil of your car depends on the manner in which the vehicle is used. If you tend to drive your car in extreme weather conditions or do a good amount of stop-and-go driving, you may need to change the oil more frequently.

3. Flush Your Cooling Systems And Change The Coolants

Along with keeping regular checks on the engine oil of your car, it is important to maintain the cooling system of your car as well. Especially if you live in a hot and humid climate and use your car frequently, make sure you flush the cooling systems and change coolants on a regular basis. The best way to go about it is to check the coolant of your car every time you change its engine oil.

Ideally, it is advisable to check the coolants at least two times a year. However, the frequency changes with different cars and the manner in which they are used. If the use of your car is not too frequent and you live in a colder place, you can manage by changing the coolant every 2 to 3 years.

4. Keep A Check On The Brake Fluid

The brakes are arguably the most important components of your car. It is one thing you can never afford to miss while maintaining your vehicle. As your brakes take care of you and protect you from accidents, it is your responsibility to take care of the brakes in return.

To ensure that the brakes are functioning well, make sure that you check the brake fluid of your car on a regular basis. It is important to note that the brake fluid attracts a lot of moisture, which is certainly not good for the health of your car. Excessive moisture leads to a range of different issues, including rust and corrosion. Issues like these can cause unwanted wearing down of brakes, ultimately leading to them failing.

Ideally, it is advisable to change the brake fluid of your car at least once every year. This allows you to maintain the health of your vehicle and keep the passengers safe.

5. Clean Your Car Thoroughly

As basic as it may sound, it is very important to clean your car thoroughly on a regular basis to keep it healthy. While most car owners wash their cars every day, it is important to note that cleaning your car is not limited to washing it every day.

Especially if you drive your car on dusty roads and it comes in frequent contact with moisture, the cleaning needs to be a little more intensive. While you wash or vacuum your car, make sure that you clean it outside and pay attention to every detail on the surface of its metal and interiors. Make sure you remove all potentially harmful substances from your vehicle and keep it spotless under all conditions.

You can also keep your car dust-free to prevent it from getting dirty from debris while you are not using it. This will help reduce the time and effort you spend cleaning your vehicle. It will keep off hard-to-remove animal droppings on your exterior.

But how exactly are you going to do that? You can park it indoors. If that option isn’t available, you’ll need a well-fitted protective car cover to shield your vehicle from the elements. That will keep dirt at bay while it is parked, indoors or outdoors.

6. Wax Your Car Regularly

If you are willing to maintain the sleek and elegant look of your car, it is advisable to wax it on a regular basis. To get the best results, make sure you wax your car once every six months or one year. When you wax your car regularly, it allows you to keep its paint intact and protects the vehicle from cosmetic damage. Moreover, make sure you choose high-quality wax to give the best look to your car.

7. Grease And Lubricate The Components

It is extremely irritating for car owners to come across squeaky or jammed doors and other components. Make sure you keep the moving parts of your car lubricated to ensure the healthy functioning of your vehicle, irrespective of the size of the components.

The Final Word

These were some of the most noteworthy ways in which you can keep your car in a good condition. Follow these tips and you will have your prized possession by your side for several years!


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