Keeping your car clean isn’t always easy, especially when you use it every day. Food crumbs, pet hair, and dirt and debris from the outside can easily get into your car each time you use it and build up over time. Thankfully, there are several things that you can do on a regular basis to keep your car cleaner and more organized.

If you have a large family, keeping everything that you need in the car tidy can be challenging, but the good news is that there are several products you might want to invest in to help make it easier. Here are some top tips to keep in mind to keep your car organized, clean and tidy all the time.

Use Car Washing Facilities:

Washing your car can be a time-consuming job, so don’t try and do it on your driveway with a hosepipe. Instead, visit Sundance’s car wash services where you can use their smart car washing technology to drive away with a car that feels and looks great.

Along with car washing brushes that make light work of getting all of that dirt and grime from the outside of your car, Sundance offers a range of tools that you can use to get to work on the interior of your car including power vacuums for your seats and floor mats, carpet shampoo machines for when the vacuum just won’t do, detailing products and carpet fragrance so you can drive away and enjoy the gorgeous clean car smell.  And the best part is that many of their car wash stations are open 24 hours, so you can go and get the job done at any time that is convenient to you.

Car Clean and Organized

Wash Your Windshield With Coca-Cola:

It might be a drink you enjoy, but Coca-Cola actually has a lot of cleaning properties, and you can use it on your car to cut through grease and grime that your windshield wipers might not be doing a great job of getting to. If your windshield has become dirty over time, a can or bottle of cola with a damp cloth could do the job.

The soda will break through any sticky bugs that have gotten stuck to your windshield while you’ve been driving, and it’ll easily clean any grime that’s collected from the dusty roads. Just remember to give your windshield a good rinse with water after cleaning.

Get a Car Vacuum:

Home vacuums were not designed for cleaning cars, and while you might be able to use one for the job, it’s going to be tricky to get into some spaces in your vehicle. A hand-held car vacuum is a great investment to make if you want to keep your car clean and organized. You can even keep a wireless one in the car itself, as long as it’s fully charged, so that you or any passengers can easily grab it to clean up any spills and crumbs on the go – just don’t do it while you are driving, of course.

Back Seat Organizers:

If you have kids who are always in the back seat of your car when traveling and tend to fill it up with toys, books, and electronics, you might benefit from back seat organizers that they can use to store and organize all their stuff.

These simply clip on to the driver and passenger seats with a pocket at the back that the back seat passengers can use for additional storage. Some will even come with phone or iPad holders, which can be ideal if you have kids who like to watch a movie while traveling in the car for a long journey.

Use Air to Clean Vents:

The air vents in your car are essential for keeping your vehicle at the right temperature, but they can get very dusty over time – and they’re not always the easiest of things to clean. If you have started sneezing because your air vents are blowing dust in your face when you turn on the air conditioning, use a can of compressed air to clean them out.

All you need to do is blast the air onto the vents where it will blow the dust away. You can then clean up the vents with a damp cloth or cotton ball. To freshen up the air in your car, consider adding a drop of essential oils to your cloth before wiping the vents down.

Keep Wipes in the Car:

A packet of baby wipes or cleaning wipes will easily fit into the glove compartment in your car and can be ideal for any food spills, drink spills, or other accidents that might happen on the road.

You can easily use them to clean up anything that has spilled in your car when driving once you pull over, and they can also come in handy for cleaning your windshield and wing mirrors. This way, you can avoid having any spills creating nasty smells in your car or going sticky over time if you have nothing to clean them up with straight away.

Apply Wax:

Pollen build-up on your car should be removed as quickly as possible – don’t just wait for the next time that it rains to get the job done. Pollen will be removed when you wash your car as normal at the car wash or you can blast it off at home using a hose or a pressure washer on a light setting.

To help prevent some of the pollen build-up in the future, you can apply a layer of specially designed car wax to the exterior of your vehicle, which will help to protect the finish and prevent pollen, debris from trees, and sticky leaves that have fallen onto your car while it’s parked.

Cars can easily become disorganized, messy, and dirty over time – after all, we drive on the roads and use our cars to go outside. Keep these tips in mind to keep your car cleaner and more organized without a huge amount of effort.


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