Home design has remained relatively unchanged in the last few decades with little innovation in the industry. However, luxury home design is experiencing major changes, with seven new trends set to dominate the sector in the next few years.

While you can find many designs and ideas in a lifestyle magazine, there are some trends you should keep in mind while looking through these designs. If you’re planning on refurbishing your home, these are the design trends you should be looking out for today.

1. Escalating Pools

One of them is an escalator-type pool, which spirals upward in multiple stages, making it possible for you to swim against the current up to your apartment or private room.

It is truly an incredible technology, but it also comes at a high price, as the installation alone can go up to $20 million!

2. Sky Yards

It is a term used to describe the new trend of having multiple private outdoor spaces in high-rise buildings, where residents can grow their own food or have a garden with flowers. The sky yard will allow people to feel that they are an essential part of their nature, instead of living in the city where they are suffocating in the pollution.

3. Sea Living

The luxury homes of the future will be built on water, and not just in it.

Water houses are usually located near a lake or coastline, and they can either be floating or submerged in shallow waters to maintain privacy.

Some models even have extra features such as jacuzzis, which provide amazing views of the surrounding seas and marine life.

The interior of such homes can be as luxurious as any other home, as developers are now competing to make the best possible ocean view you could imagine.

4. Interactive Furniture

It is a concept that will most likely become popular in the future, as you can already buy an interactive light and sound lamp.

For example, your coffee table can now have speakers embedded in it or have a built-in kitchenette, so you are never too far from good food. You can also have a nice working space to be more productive and invite your friends over for dinner.

5. Luxury Cabinetry

Another design trend that will be very popular in 2022 is luxury cabinetry, as people are looking for original and artistic storage solutions.

The cabinets will be custom built to your needs so that they can have more drawers or shelves of different sizes. Designers are also looking for ways to adjust the height of the cabinets or even hide them completely, so there’s no excess furniture in your home.

Choose British-inspired designs with features like hidden drawers, sliding doors, and unique shapes for your cabinets, which will come with a high price tag. You can also find other available designs in any interior design or lifestyle magazine.

6. Live Wallpaper

If you have a high-tech home, live wallpaper is the perfect choice to decorate it. It is a wallpaper that changes depending on your preferences, such as when you touch it or make a move. It is a feature that would work well in smart homes and might also cost quite a lot to be installed.

7. Invest in a Luxury Kitchen

Investing in luxury homes is becoming more and more popular, as people are looking for ways to make their living spaces even more beautiful.

For this, you should invest in a luxury kitchen with high-tech appliances like induction hobs, espresso makers, or high-quality ovens.

8. Statement Art Pieces

Art is an important addition to any luxury home, so don’t hesitate to add the most expensive artwork you can afford at this moment.

Statement art pieces are meant to stand out and be different, which is why they become the perfect choice for luxury homes.

These can be vibrant paintings that would help you brighten up your space or sculptures made of precious metals or stones.

As luxury homes are becoming more and more popular, their design trends are also changing. By adapting to the times, you will have a beautifully decorated home perfect for entertaining guests.


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