We always think that our profession, no matter what it is – is the toughest one in the world. This may be true if you find it in the list below, but chances are there are other jobs that people do and are way more undervalued and underappreciated than yours.

If you think you have a horrible boss, think about people whose jobs are to save lives, or their mistakes may cause entire buildings to crumble. Before making that decision to quit, think about that choice again. Now, read about some of the world’s most undervalued professions, and see who to thank for their work next time.

1. Anesthesiologists

We keep hearing about great surgeons and 24-hour surgeries performed to save the life of some patients, but we rarely know how the entire scene was happening behind the curtain. The surgeon gets all the credit when it’s done, but they are not alone in the operating room.

For the surgery to go well, an entire team of people takes responsibility. Maybe the most responsible for it is the anesthesiologist. This is a person who needs to be equally skilled as the surgeon and even more.

They need to know how sedated the patient needs to be, mind the rest of the diseases they might have, and ensure they wake up after the surgery without complications. These people get great compensation but never get the credit for saving someone’s life.

2. Street sweepers and sanitation workers

We enjoy seeing the city being spotless, but we rarely think about who is responsible for this? Street sweepers, sanitation workers, and everyone else included in keeping the city streets flawless definitely get too little recognition.

Aside from earning a low wage, they are also nearly invisible. Cleaning the city when everyone else is asleep, and doing the dirty work, literally means that they are not getting the deserved credit. When you think about how rude some people are to littering on the streets, you get the full idea about their jobs.

3. IT professionals

We think that IT professionals are guys who are overcompensated for doing some stuff on the computer, but they are much more than just tech support working on a computer in their comfortable home. IT pros do a lot more things.

When a company hires IT management services, they are hiring someone who will do literally anything connected with information technologies. Just look at the list of things Insight IT does, and you’ll get the idea. Without their help, we wouldn’t have the chance to enjoy the benefits of the internet.

4. Ghostwriters

Did you know that some of the books you’ve been reading are written by ghostwriters? What does this name mean? It means that there are people writing books later published under someone else’s name.

If you’ve been reading an autobiography about an athlete or any other celebrity, chances are that they haven’t written that book on their own but hired a ghostwriter to do it for them. Ghostwriters usually get nothing for their work except the previously agreed compensation, which is often less than 1% of the royalties these book publishers make.

5. Emergency medical technicians

When an accident happens and someone calls 911, the first to arrive at the scene are the paramedics. They will provide first aid treatment and handle the injuries of the person suffering to make it to the hospital, where a team of doctors will probably take on.

These people make too little for the stress they are living with every day. The scenes they see are unmatched by any other profession in the world. The stress they work under is unbearable for some, and no one gives them recognition for their work. If a patient makes it to the hospital, they’ll thank the doctor, but rarely the technician that saved their lives on the spot.

6. Preschool and school teachers

It seems like we’re missing the chance to thank school and preschool teachers for helping us grow into healthy adults. We’re also missing the chance to thank the preschool teachers of our children for taking care of them.

We live in times when care for our children is of utmost importance. Times have changed, and now children need way more attention than today’s adults needed back in the day. However, it seems like no one’s paying attention to what teachers make and how underrated they are.


These six professions are just a drop in the ocean of tough and underrated professions. We took some of the most common ones you are probably aware of, although many are way more difficult and less paid than these. If you’re thinking about switching professions, have these few in mind to ensure you’re not going into uncharted waters.


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