Fashion Sense


5 Tips to Help You Improve Your Fashion Sense

Whether you realize it or not, the way you dress says a lot about you. Your own personal style can be an expression of your personality and interests. While fashion comes naturally to some, others struggle to pick out what to wear.

If you are in the latter category, there’s good news for you: there are simple tips and tricks to help you improve your fashion sense. Below is a roundup of some of the best tips to help you get started. 

Wear Outfits Appropriate for Each Occasion

In fashion, one fundamental mistake that many people make is to wear clothes that are not the right fit for an occasion. True, fashion is all about expressing your personality, but you should never dress without first thinking about where you are headed. What is appropriate for a party may not be suitable for an office. Similarly, what you wear to get coffee with a friend should be different from what you wear to a corporate dinner. 

Before you choose your outfit, know the occasion and find out what others are likely to wear. For instance, in a work environment, observe those in higher management roles and make sure to match their level of professionalism.  

Improve Your Fashion Sense

Explore New Trends

What’s a common trait among fashionistas? They are not afraid to try out new trends and styles. If you want to improve your fashion sense, be ready to explore. First off, find out what the current dressing styles are and try them out. For instance, in 2020 some of the trends include square-toed heels, oversized Victorian sleeves, candy-colored sweatpants and bucket hats have become the new “cool.” Explore some of these styles and see if they look good on you. 

Also, don’t hold back when it comes to trying out new trends outside of your comfort zone and culture. While not mainstream, these out-of-the-box styles will make you look unique and different from everyone else. For instance, adding an Indian feel to your outfits will help you stand out from the crowd. There’s a wide range of Indian apparel to choose from, and Nihal Fashions is the best place to go for inspiration. Read this article to discover great ideas for getting started at Nihal Fashions.


Accessories are crucial to your overall look. Your outfit won’t be complete without an accessory or two – they will make your outfit look even more stylish and attractive. And, if you want to repeat an outfit, accessories can help give it a whole new look, allowing you to dress it up or dress it down.

However, make sure that you don’t overdo it: too many accessories or the wrong ones can look unnatural. Popular accessories include belts, anklets, earrings, neckties, pendants, bags, sunglasses, minimalist watches, rings, shoes, stockings, sashes, and brooches. These days, in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, even masks have become accessories

Wear More Color

Neutral colors such as white, black, and gray are a safe choice for most shoppers. However, wearing different colors can help bring out your personality.

Don’t be afraid to try out some bolder colors that match the occasion you are attending. In the spring, fall and summer, having a colorful wardrobe comes in handy. These colors add more life and an exciting feel to your outfits. Sometimes, bright accessories like colorful socks can also do the trick. 

To get the best out of your colorful outfits, choose colors that match your skin tone. If you have a cool complexion, opt for colors such as blue, silver, and gray. On the other hand, if you have warm undertones, colors such as yellow, olive, brown, and red are your best bet. 

Always Buy Quality

While buying cheap items might be tempting, it’s better to go for quality items even if the prices are a little higher. Cheap pieces can start to wear holes and tear apart at the seams. Quality items, on the other hand, last longer and look better after multiple washes. You’ll also feel more confident when you know that you are wearing good quality clothes. 

Each time you go to a brick-and-mortar store, make sure you try out the clothes before purchasing. This practice will ensure that you only buy clothes that fit your body shape. Sometimes, clothes look great on the rack but not when you put them on. So, always make sure you only walk out with clothes you like and clothes that fit well. If you do find something you love but it is not quite right, a tailor can alter clothes and make sure they fit and look stylish on you. 

Never Stop Learning

What’s fashionable today could easily be out-of-date tomorrow. That’s why you should always be one step ahead. Reading fashion magazines and exploring sites like Pinterest can give you a heads up on fashion trends and current styles. However, fashion is not all about following a trend. You can create your own fashion style, let your personality shine while you’re at it. 

Last modified: February 26, 2021