A card holder wallet is specifically designed to allow you to carry a slimmer, versatile, yet minimalist wallet space in your pocket. These are front pocket wallets that won’t hurt your back or pressure you to put unnecessary stuff in your purse (like those year-old receipts or bills).

Therefore, it helps you stay optimally organized and save you from the awkwardness of sitting over your bulky pockets. The cardholder wallets are quite small; however, they help you focus on the most important things that must occupy your pocket space. It also enables you to optimize your pocket space while still allowing you to look trendy and move in style.

Moreover, many card holder wallets are equipped with additional cash clips like those from Vault Design, which helps you to carry loose change in the hour of need.

They also have functionalities like a card eject slot, which allows you to get the exact card you need to stay professional. After all, a wallet is not just a utility tool; it is a fashion statement that is the reason for the utmost care put on their selection and the investment in them. It is also a very thoughtful present that defines the personality and professionalism of a person.

card holder wallet

Additionally, RFID thefts are increasing every day through your normal wallet, which you carry every day! RFID chips are standard in credit cards, passports, and enhanced driver’s licenses and identity cards.

These save highly sensitive personal information such as your name, credit card number, passport numbers, address, and birth date. Being susceptive to hacking, they result in identity theft and transaction fraud. Hackers can use scanners publically to withdraw data directly from your pockets without your knowledge.

Research shows that only across UAE, there are 5m credit card users, according to data collected by Payfort, a third-party payment gateway in the UAE. It tells us how essential it is for people to carry RFID protected wallets. It brings us to the necessity of taking card holder wallets with RFID protection.

What are the additional necessities one must consider buying a cardholder wallet-RFID protection, size, material?

Things to consider before choosing the perfect card holder wallet!

Are you a card person or a cash person?

This aspect of your personality is among the primary deciding factor for the type of wallet you must use! If you prefer using cash, then cardholder wallets are not very handy for you, except for when you wish to protect yourself from RFID data thefts.

However, if you are a card person who always carries cards, you must go for the cardholder wallet with the below-mentioned specifications.

No. of compartments

First of you must decide what goes into your wallet daily. The sections of your wallet must be able to handle it efficiently. With loyalty cards, credit cards, identity proofs, licenses, you may need about 10-12 slots for your regular car5ds and additional space for cash and coins. If you favor taking the bills, the banknotes, etc., you should look for a wallet with many slots.

Not only setting stuff into separate partitions helps you to become more organized, but it also helps to preserve your credit cards from damage. You may as well consider having the transparent pockets for your IDs and your driver’s license.


Colors, patterns, and dimensions are things that you need to consider to make sure your wallet will look as good as possible. The types and models of wallets are not the only points you should consider when exploring the best wallet. You can search for wallet variants with materials like metal polyester, canvas, apart from leather. Metallic material lasts longer but is very rigid; polyester ones are a little flexible but are less durable. Choose one which fits your requirements.

A style statement and investment for the long term

Your wallet is undoubtedly a style statement that you must consider allocating a modest amount of time and effort. It is going to showcase the world, your organization skills, and tells a lot about your personality. Also, it is an accessory to show off your fashion sense and your social status. Another factor that you need to consider is how much you want to spend on your wallet.

Speaking about UAE, the consumers are big spenders, and 34% would buy brands at any price. Hence, it would be best if you considered buying a trusted brand while investing in wallets. You can obtain a wallet, which is as low as about 5 to 7 dollars; however, you may require to spend around 250 to 300 dollars for a premium-quality wallet. One from a reputed mark with premium quality like Vault Design, Ridge Wallet, etc. will last for a long time.

RFID protection

In this digital era, technologies are also emphasized on the wallet; the RFID blocking technology is worth contemplating. It serves to limit high-tech robbers from gathering data on your credit cards and data cards etc.

This peculiarity is beneficial if you possess the practice of placing your wallet in your back pocket. A wallet with the RFID technology may cost a little more, but it is worth investment considering the risks of loss involved.


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