If you’re on the lookout for a female role model who packs a punch, look no further. Check out Kara Goldin for some inspirational tips on how to navigate your daily life to get ahead.  

It’s not about being perfect or some kind of superhero. Rather, turning your life into a success story comes down to just a few basic habits that can really build you up to becoming the best you can be! 

The Early Bird Gets the Worm

It’s no secret that some of the most successful people out there are in the habit of getting up early. First, get a great night’s sleep on a good mattress to feel fresh and powerful for the coming day. Then, set your alarm and get up early. This will give you an edge and put you hours ahead of everyone else.  

You can use the time to get in some exercise, meditate, journal or get caught up on emails. Then, get right into your first task for the day. If there’s a tough or challenging job you have to do, make it the first thing you do. That way, your day will get easier, rather than more difficult, as the day progresses.  

When you go about things this way, you will immediately see the advantages. By the time others have woken up, you’re already through several tasks and moving ahead with your schedule. 

Take Care of Yourself

Whatever else you do in life, you have to take care of yourself first. This is common advice, but is often very difficult to implement in our own lives. You can’t be of any use to anyone else if you aren’t looking after yourself. This will mean different things to different people, but take some time to determine what you need, and plan your schedule accordingly.  

Many women wear themselves out by taking too much time to care for others while not minding their own physical and mental well-being. It’s important to make sure you’re up and running in the best condition you can be so that you can bring your best to the people who rely on you. 

If you run your battery down you’ll eventually crash, and that doesn’t help anyone at all. 

Choose Your Battles

This is an area many women find difficult to manage. It takes a lot of wisdom and self-knowledge to know which battles are worth your time and which ones should be sacrificed. The fact is, if you’re rushing headlong into everything, you’re going to burn out. 

Knowing your strengths is a great starting point. That way, you begin to get a feel for how easily you can solve an issue and whether it’s the right battle for you. Other times, you might decide to wait it out for next time. 

Be Outspoken

Being a wallflower never helped anyone. Have confidence in yourself. According to Jim Taylor, Ph.D., Confidence is the most important psychological contributor to performance in the business world because you may have all of the ability in the world to accomplish a goal, but if you don’t believe you have that ability, you won’t use that ability to its fullest extent in pursuit of success.” 

When others see a woman who speaks her mind and provides good arguments for her viewpoints, they start taking serious notice. That’s exactly the kind of attention you want.  

Do It for You

It’s essential to make sure you are on the path you choose for yourself, and not one others have chosen for you. It’s much easier to avoid burnout and frustration when your heart is in it and you’re giving it all you’ve got. 

Ultimately, when you come from a genuine place of self confidence and passion in your convictions, you’re on the road to success. 

Some Final Thoughts

We’ve all seen successful women out there, whether it is in the business or tech world, or even out on the playground, and wondered how they manage it all. Well, it’s largely down to simplifying and managing your goals and expectations and figuring out what is needed to attain them. 

Setting up great habits at the outset will give you an advantage. Having a well-structured day is at the heart of all success stories, and this fact is highlighted in the lives of many happy and successful women around the globe. 


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