Making an impression on your teacher, especially with a history homework of all things, is a very challenging task. However, it is not impossible to do so. If you make the right moves, you can easily write a stunning history report that will surely impress your teachers.

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Here are 5 super effective ways to impress your teacher with your history homework.

Study Previous Homework Answers:

Go through some of the previous history homework answers that you can find. This will give you a good idea as to how you should approach the questions, and what kind of presentation teachers prefer. Try looking through papers from other schools if needed. You will surely come across a bunch of them on the internet. You could even ask your friends from a different school to lend you some advice.

You can also reach out to professionals if you require history homework help. Only an expert can help you understand what makes a history paper stand out. So if you can opt for this option, go ahead and do it by all means. Tutors are also very helpful in this regard. They can always guide you through the homework and help you out if you are stuck. 

Teacher With Your History Homework

Include Points from Class Discussions:

Teachers like it when students pay attention during their class. Nothing gives them more joy than realizing that their students are listening and taking notes in their class. And there is no better way to prove that you are an attentive student who is regular in class and takes notes than by including some of the points from your class discussion in your homework.

While the teacher may not have discussed the exact homework question in the class, they have discussed the topic or chapter it is taken from. You need to know how to take lecture notes effectively so that you can later use them while doing your homework. You don’t need to write everything from your notes in homework. Just use a few key points from the discussion, mostly stuff that is not mentioned in the textbook or slides, so that your teacher can know that you have been paying attention.

Use Multiple Reference Books:

Another way to impress your instructor with an amazing history report is by using multiple reference books. Teachers always encourage their students to study more than one book. They always want students to use different books while writing explanatory essays or papers so that the final writing can stand out and is full of useful information.

You too should use multiple reference books for doing your history homework. You do not need to use 5 or 10 books for this purpose. Just your main textbook along with 2 other reference books should work just fine. Make sure the information you are taking from those books is related to the question or topic. In pursuit of impressing your teacher, do not fill up the paper with unnecessary information that has no connection to what the teacher wants from your homework.

Source Points from Academic Papers:

If you want your history homework to be different from everyone else’s, you can source information from different academic or research papers written on the particular topic. 

Anyone can write from 2-3 different books or class notes. Therefore, they can all manage to land an impression on the subject teacher. But what if you wanted to stand out? What if you brought in something new to the table that others did not even think about?

By sourcing points and information from a well-written research paper, you will be able to land a really good impression on your teacher. This is something that college kids have to do regularly. But you can also apply this strategy as a highschooler. Make sure to learn how to read and understand research papers before you start working with them.

Elaborate and Relate:

While writing a history paper, you will notice that you will never run out of information. Historical events are usually connected to one another, and therefore you will always find something to write about. But just because you can does not mean that you should. While elaborating on your history homework answers is a good idea, you need to stay relevant to the topic.

Given the large volumes of information available at your disposal, it is easy to divert from the main topic. But do not allow yourself to do that, as it will deteriorate the quality of your answers.

So what are you waiting for? It is time for you to get started on that history homework and give it your best shot.


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