The last decade has witnessed significant growth in the field of new technology. From business to education, every single area is expanding online. In 2019, the coronavirus outbreak across the world and the subsequent lockdown forced us to depend on the internet entirely. Similar to other professions, education also became a part of this revolution.

Students started to grasp knowledge with the help of the internet and technologies. Though the COVID-19 proved to be deadly and destructed several countries’ economies, it gave a golden opportunity to aspirants who desire to study abroad in Germany. Online learning in Germany is the icing on the cake for students as they would get to upskill their knowledge from anywhere in the world.

For ages now, Germany has been a hub for international students to study because of its popular education system. At the same time, Germany’s government intends to provide high-quality education to all without any discrimination. Therefore, the cost of study in Germany is relatively low as compared to other foreign nations.

The data released by the Germany International Student Statistics 2020 shows that the number of international students has increased by approximately 30.9 percent in a period of five years, i.e., from 2014 to 2019. Additionally, the stats revealed that Germany had estimated reaching a total of 3,50,000 international students by 2020.

Since you have understood why studying in Germany is so popular among the students, we will familiarise you with online learning benefits in German universities.

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Major reasons for the rise of online learning in German universities

  • Affordable cost of study: The tuition fees in German universities are practically negligible compared to the high-quality education it offers. Most of the public universities in Germany have introduced tuition-free education in 2014. Nearly all the universities charge a small amount for administrative fees. Hence, the most important reason remains the cost of the study.
  • Exceptional quality education: The German education system is strongly built by blending traditional teachings with evolved methods. It holds a tradition of high-quality education and excelling academic curriculum. This system allows students to become well-endowed professionals and not just to fulfil the purpose of clearing exams.
  • Seasoned tutors: German universities have seasoned and professional tutors who provide education with modern and latest technologies. These tutors contribute to an enlightening curriculum that provides a solid base for future generations of experts in the respective disciplines.
  • Wide range of programmes: Academic courses in Germany are globally recognised and focus on making students a future manager, leader, consultant, or entrepreneur. German universities offer a broad range of programmes to students such as MSc Corporate Financial Management, MSc Global Accounting, MSc International Marketing, MSc Leadership and Human Resource Management, etc.
  • Flexibility: As the study mode is online, an aspirant is free to learn according to their comfort. You can complete your education from any part of the world by just having an internet connection and a laptop or smartphone.

If you, too, are an ambitious student and want to make a lucrative career by upskilling, then opt for online courses from Germany’s leading universities. Apply now!


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