We are at that time of year again where we have to start considering what we are going to get our clients to say thank you for their custom this year and to show our gratitude.

In a world where single-use plastic is on the way out, and people are a lot more open to being allergic to gluten, it can feel like a bit of a minefield when it comes to choosing gifts that your clients will enjoy and will also maintain a professional air.

If you are stuck for ideas, then keep reading this piece for some inspiration!

Branded Power Banks

In this day and age, we are always running out of charge. Our phones can be at 100% before we leave the house and on 38% by lunch, and in a world where many of us always need to stay connected, seeing that battery bar go down is almost as bad as someone taking the last sandwich at your office canteen.

Give the gift of energy to your clients by offering them a power bank. Branded by your company, they will be reminded that you were there in their time of need, giving them (phone) life.

Branded Hats

The temperature is dropping at an alarming rate, so having a hat on hand can be the make or break of someone’s hair ‘feeling like it is going to freeze off’. Why not create some custom trucker hats so your clients can not only be the epitome of style and fashion but can also show off your brand while looking chic. Your clients didn’t choose the chic life; the chic life chose them.

Branded Travel Mug

It is an oldie and a goldie for a reason; the classic branded travel mug never fails to be useful, even if it is only used because all the others have been left at the office.

You can now get a bunch of patterns and styles for custom travel mugs, which means you could even create something that customers might choose to be their favorite travel coffee mug. What a privilege it would be for your merch to fill that important space.

A Snack Gift Basket

Snacks always go a long way, and Christmas is where you can get festive with it. Whether you want them to enjoy some great biscuits or sample some luxury chili jams, there is sure to be something that everyone loves if you handpick items yourself. Not only does this show some serious effort on your part, but you can also sneak in some branded goods, too, to remind them who their Snack Santa has been this year. Win-win.

Personalized Fortune Cookies

We all know it is the little things that get us through a working week, so why not be the contributor of the very thing that puts a smile on someone’s face? Choosing to get personalized fortune cookies for your clients means they will be thinking of you every time they need a little pick me up. They are also a really unique idea, which means you have a good chance of being remembered!


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