When it comes to interior design and making a space your own, accessorizing furniture you use the most often can be the best way to achieve an elegant look without breaking the bank. Why not look toward the mainstay of your living room, the sofa?

As the centerpiece of your living room set, a sofa can benefit from plenty of awesome decorations and design aesthetics. Whether it’s a throw pillow, a cool couch cover, or a series of extra pillows you can really enhance the look (and comfort level) of your sofa tenfold with just a few accessories. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Throw Pillow

Who doesn’t love a good throw pillow? When it comes to interior design, throw pillows are like the secret ingredient. Throw pillows are soft, comfortable, and easy on the eyes. They also can fill up the ambience and feel of a room perfectly. Different shapes and unique sizes are fun to decorate with as well, so don’t be afraid to use some imagination in your overall aesthetic.

Tie into the color accents of your room while also being a good place to rest your head or support your legs. For the optimum effect, it’s best to match the color and design of the pillows with other aspects of the room like the curtains or any furniture covers within the space.

Unless you’re going for an avant garde approach or abstract look, your pillow designs/patterns should match your decor as well. But there is certainly some value and fun in mixing and matching different prints, so the best bet is to do whatever feels right for decorating your space. Your sofa will look great, fun, and be more comfy with the simple addition of some throw pillows to the space.

Throw Pillow

Decorative Blankets 

In addition to those lovely throw pillows, you might want to supplement your living room decor with some decorative blankets and seat covers. To create a really good looking space, something should act as the center/focal point of the space and everything else should accent that point. In this case, the sofa acts as the item you’re drawing attention to when somebody looks in the room.

Throwing decorative blankets or covers over the sofa can give it a nice, elegant appearance. It also works great for when it’s cold in the room! Blankets and seat covers can keep the dust away from your precious sofa and, if you have animals or pets, can prevent them from damaging your lovely furniture.

Wedge Pillows

If throw pillows aren’t your thing, you can always try an organically made, natural wedge pillow. Wedge pillows are a fantastic, comfortable pillow that is uniquely suited to a variety of purposes. It’s, well, wedge-shaped and can be situated at your legs, behind your back, or as a prop to lean against as you lie down or sit.

It is supposed to help elevate either your upper or lower body while relieving pressure. It’s also ideal for sleep and can prevent/mitigate snoring, help with sleep apnea, reduce hernia pain, and aid digestion, along with improving your circulation.

They usually consist of a memory foam but are also available with more natural manufacturing/construction with a foam that’s derived from bamboo. They also look amazing and have quite elegant covers. With one of these on your couch, you’ll never want to sleep in your bed again!

An Area Rug

Another great way to make your sofa really stand out is to place it adjacent to other furniture and to use an area rug. An area rug can really tie your room together and make the sofa stand out. That’s not even accounting for the fact that an area rug can be plush, shag, or extremely comfortable in addition to its visual qualities.

Just make sure it’s the right size and you’ll have a visually appealing, symmetrical, and functional supplement to your cozy sofa. There are many shapes and sizes of area rugs, so be sure to thoroughly conduct research prior to actually buying one. The last thing you want is a rug that will not fit with the overall presentation of your room and that does not compliment your sofa or chairs at all.

Decorate The Walls

Your home, especially your living room, is sort of your sanctuary. It should be a comfortable, clean space where you can be yourself and enjoy your life. Blank, empty walls devoid of personality aren’t necessarily the best thing in that scenario. Why not fill those walls up with some decorations?

The right pictures, photos, posters, or even wallpaper can bring out the beauty of your sofa and your entire living room. Ultimately, decorating your walls adds a touch of personality to the room and some texture to the wall to make it more cozy. With something interesting behind or around your couch/sofa you can look at it regularly to draw inspiration or use it as a conversational piece when you have guests over. It certainly doesn’t hurt that it will look good depending on your own personal tastes.


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