With the busy schedules and the immense workload and hustle of life, we entirely forget the heavy workloads of the dry cleaning and laundry. They are, however, a necessity that you can not take for granted. Clothes are, after all, the representation of your personality and play a crucial role in any occasion.

For families, laundry is an essential household chore that consumes around an hour or two to sort a weekly laundry, clean, and iron. It is still exclusive of the hours spent on collecting, organizing, scheduling the wash, etc. Ideally, tidy clothes are also known to introduce the freshness and tranquility that helps you move the entire day with ease.

On the other hand, studies depict the rejection of around 25%  of candidates for an interview due to their clumsy or dirty dressing, which is inclusive of about 12% whose clothes are either not adequately ironed or washed. Hence, neat and clean clothes are essential, not just in interviews but also all aspects of life! Who wants to carry spotted and smelly clothes around!

Understanding that there are several coin-oriented laundry services are available going for professional laundry services may still be beneficial for you. The question is, how and why?

selecting the best laundry in Dubai

Initially, it might sound a very enticing option to use coin-oriented services and save a few pennies. In the longer run, it is highly damaging for your clothes and you. Specifically, in this epidemic, it is essential to stay protected from hygiene risks. Coin-oriented laundry and dry cleaning services fail to ensure proper sanitization.

Due to various people’s usage, you can never be sure who puts bacteria in there! Professional laundry services provide you the leisure to stay stress-free about all these aspects.

It now brings us to explore the potential benefits of getting your clothes cleaned by the best laundry in Dubai, specifically for people living in the Dubai Marina area! This area is full of residents who have very tight schedules filled with their business meetings, jobs, corporate parties, casual outings, etc. Therefore, they may comparatively require the laundry services in Dubai a little more often.

On one hand, where experienced dry cleaning and laundry services are incredibly beneficial in terms of time-saving, cost-cutting, high-quality product usage, proper sanitation and hygiene, accurate separation of clothes, effective washing techniques, and adequate care. On the other hand, however consuming it may seem, it is essential to select the best laundry services for yourself to keep clothes safe and durable.

Here are the five most important things you must consider before opting for a laundry service:

Turn around time:

It would be best to consider the turn-around-time, which means there should be express deliveries of your clean clothes with tidy packaging. The majority of the best laundry services, including Whites laundry in Dubai Marina, deliver your clothes within 24 hours of the pick-up. So, this gives you an idea of what you must aim for in terms of duration.


Ensure that the laundry services you are about to opt for are authentic and reliable and choose proper safety measures with experts who possess quality knowledge of fabrics and can assure appropriate maintenance of fabric requirements. You can check this through google reviews, customer testimonials, their website, social media, etc. You can also try placing your first order for less number of clothes and self-assessing the quality of clothes sent for laundry.


To give you a general idea, you must be aware that for a small wash-and-fold bag ( no pressing), usually created for your daily laundry requirements, it may cost somewhere around AED 80- AED 100. For single items, it may cost you a little more, say around AED 8 to AED 30 depending on the type of clothes you send and the kind of service you avail. There are various pricing options for special outfits, like a uniform, bridal dresses, and professional suits. Choose a plan which fits you the best.


You must check that the laundry services you avail are either not open for coin-orientation or if they are, then you must ensure the adoption of necessary precautions. You must contact the laundry personnel to check this.

Pick-up and delivery:

Many laundry services offer free pick-up and delivery of your clothes from your doorsteps, hence providing you high profits. First, you don’t have to wait in lines to give away your clothes; second, saving your travel time and cost; third, you don’t have to worry about carrying receipts to the shop and collecting your laundry. You pre-book your collection, handover your dirty clothes, and all-set.


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