Balloons can be a great alternative to flowers if you want to make a pleasant surprise for your loved one. Balls are of various colors, sizes, and shapes suitable for a romantic celebration or just a date.

Give them for birthdays, anniversaries, or just like that. You may see balloons in the form of arches or garlands during the wedding ceremony. Let’s find out a few ways on how to surprise your sweetheart with Valentine’s day balloons.

Balloons With Petals Inside

For example, take a balloon and fill it with rose petals or pick up another flower. It depends on your soulmate’s preferences. Then, an inflatable or a few ones should be blown up with helium as it should float in the air.

Give a bunch of these balloons to your darling with a needle, and offer to pierce them in turn. Balloons will shower your love with a rain of petals as they burst! For a fuller surprise, it’s better to take opaque balloons. And the higher they go, the longer the petals will float.

Floating Balloons With Notes and Wishes

If your soulmate has a birthday, a good surprise would be to fill the room with helium inflatables, tying a note to each with a part of a wish. It’s good if you manage to do this while she’s/he’s asleep — the surprise will be perfect!

As an option, you may get inflatables with ready-made prints or wishes. And if your loved one has a car, fill its interior or trunk with brightly colored balloons. It all depends on your imagination.

Surprise Box

Another fantastic way to make a pleasant treat is a surprise box. In a large box, attach a heart-shaped ball using a piece of tape and a string. A ball should be higher than the box as the string holds it. Place smaller helium-filled balloons in the box. They should not be attached. Then, close the container tightly as delicate items should be kept inside!

When the parcel is presented and opened, the smaller items will fly up to the ceiling, and the larger one will remain at eye level — write your congratulations or recognition on it. The box itself can be stacked with a box of rings if you are ready for such a confession.

Awesome Gift

For instance, when you move into the bedroom or any other room, you can install LED balls in advance, as anyone can turn on them. In their mysterious light, a girl or a guy can see his/her main gift, because it will be tied to a bouquet of balloons! The idea is not so new as it may seem but still causes a lot of positive emotions.

Memory Diary

We are sure that romantic feelings and sentimentality are inherent not only to girls. This surprise for your beloved on his birthday will stir up memories and put the beginning of a kind of game “Do you remember …?

Each of us keeps thousands of pictures taken by modern gadgets, but rarely do we print them. So, bring to life the funny and touching moments of your romantic relationship. Carefully tape the photos to ribbons of balls floating under the ceiling. You can even make a kind of balloon guide so that the most poignant pictures are waiting for the birthday boy/girl in the bedroom.

Get balloons just for no reason. Try taking them when you go for a walk — it’s unusual and romantic. The main thing is to choose a day that is not too windy and don’t take them to the movies so not to disturb other viewers. But if you decide to go to a restaurant, ask the waiter to tie them above the table. As such, helium balloons will perfectly replace a bouquet of flowers, especially if you pick up the balloons carefully. Flowers quickly fade, but balloons will please your loved one for a long, long time!


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