Is it about time you updated your branding? Over time, your business can evolve and this means that your branding no longer reflects your current message and what you are trying to do in the industry. Indeed, this can mean that you are losing customers. A brand refresh could be exactly what is necessary. This is a way to revive your branding and visualise who you are now.

It does not matter how outdated your business seems right now; a brand refresh can give your business the energy it needs to emerge as a big player in the industry. Here are five tips that you need to know when you are going through a brand refresh.

Know What Your Competitors are Doing

First of all, recognise why you are seeking a brand refresh. You obviously feel like you are falling behind your competitors and you are not doing anything that makes you unique or stands out in the market. So, in order to change this successfully, you need to know what your rivals are doing.

Therefore, the first brand refresh tip we have is to find out what your competitors are doing. Take a look at what makes them recognisable and why customers might find them appealing and exciting. Then, you can work out what you can do differently. This is a difficult and a reason why businesses are using brand strategy agencies. You can get more information on this type of service from Recipe Design. They have many years of experience, which can assist you with a brand refresh.

Remember Your Values and Story

It is easy to think of a brand refresh as a totally new beginning. But, this is not exactly true. It is about making your brand bigger and better. It does not mean that you should forget your story and how it all began, as well as the values you developed along the way. Instead, it should be about demonstrating them in a better way to your audience.

So, think back about your values and story. You should have them at the heart of any brand refresh. Yes, things like trends are going to be helpful in your planning. But, you need to remember who you are as a business. This also makes sure there is consistency during your refresh.

Update Not Renew

Some business owners are guilty of going too far with a brand refresh. In other words, they take their logo and scrap everything, creating something completely new. But, this is not always the right move and it can be confusing. What’s more, it means your loyal customers can be lost.

Instead, know that a brand refresh is about updating and improving your branding. Not everything has to be completely renewed. Try to keep some elements that work for your brand so that it can remain recognisable.

Promote Your Refresh

A brand refresh is not something that is cheap or easy. It is going to take a lot of hard work and determination to get everything right. So, you do not want to keep this momentous achievement to yourself. Instead, you want to promote your brand refresh and make sure that customers know about it and are excited too.

There are a number of ways you can promote your refresh. For example, you want to be posting regularly on social media. You can even have a countdown and get people excited about what is going on. In addition, you can write content to share on your blog detailing how you got to this point and what your story is. People will be interested in what the changes are and why they happened. You can even use press releases to spread the word and make sure that there is positivity around the changes you have made.

 Get Everyone on Board

You may be very excited about a brand refresh and what this can mean for your business. But, you also have to ensure that your employees and team are on board too. After all, they are going to be the ones sharing the message with customers daily.

So, you want to have a lot of meeting about the refresh and get your team involved. This excitement is going to spread down the channels. Plus, it means that when your brand refresh goes public, everyone knows what is going on. The team should know weeks before your audience, so they understand everything and keep branding consistent.


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