A car is among the most cherished possessions for most people, and for a good reason, too! The Australian Bureau of Statistics specifies that the average cost of owning and running a car in Australia is between AUD 770.16 and 1432 per month.

According to an account published in the Sydney Morning Herald, on average, families spend approximately AUD 10,800 every year on transport in Sydney.

From going in for regular car washes to opting for ceramic coating Sydney, car owners are leaving no stone unturned to boost their cars’ lifespan. So, if you’re also embarking on the same journey, you should keep the following points in mind.

Go With a Good Car Insurance

Good car insurance is the first thing you should take care of when getting a new car, as it only takes a minute for your vehicle to go from brand new to battered in the wrong hands.

Apart from peace of mind, you can count on coverage for all repairs from a good car insurance company if things go haywire or in case of an accident. Try to find an insurer that will provide you with the guarantee of refurbishment with parts from the original manufacturer.

Wash Your Car Regularly

It goes without saying, but this is one of the most important aspects of taking care of your car. You should wash it regularly – the time interval between two washes depends upon several factors like:

  • Climate
  • Location
  • Pollution levels
  • Frequency of use

For instance, if you live in a region near the sea, the air would probably be highly saturated with sea salt. In that case, you would need to wash your car two to three times a month. Otherwise, you may get along well with washing it once a month.

Washing your car prevents it from getting dirty and accumulating grime over time, which can consequently damage the vehicle’s exterior. Unfortunately, it can also chip off its resale value!

Wash Your Car Regularly

Rotate Those Tires

The tires take on the total pressure of the vehicle; just imagine that for a second. If this is your first car, ensuring that you rotate the tires in due time is imperative to keep them running smoothly for longer.

The tires under the bonnet or front side endure a much greater pressure than the tires under the boot. Therefore, they wear down more quickly. You should rotate the tires or interchange them after every 5,000 to 10,000 miles. Then, you can either take your car in for service or change it yourself.

Tire Pressure

While rotating the tire routinely is important, checking the pressure in those tires is even more critical. An over or under-inflated tire will present issues while applying anchors, as they become hard to control.

Tires with poorly calibrated air pressure also decrease the car’s fuel efficiency, meaning it will cost you more to travel. Hence, for safety and efficiency, you should check the tire pressure once every month.

Protect the Paint

There were 20.1 million motor vehicles registered between 2020 and 2021 in Australia, as per the Australian Bureau of Statistics. Among them, New South Wales recorded the highest number of registrations at 5.9 million.

But as per the statistics, within the next five years, most of these cars would lose more than half of their resale value due to negligence and improper maintenance.

If you don’t want your car to join that list, you must protect its paintwork. And one of the wisest ways to do that is to go for ceramic coating in Sydney. A ceramic coating uses ceramic nanotechnology to provide a permanent shield to the car’s paint. It protects the vehicle from:

  • Harmful UV rays
  • Bird droppings
  • Water/acid rain
  • Fading or discolouration
  • Bug splatter
  • Tree sap

Additionally, it also makes cleaning the vehicle a lot hassle-free!

A car is only as good as it is maintained. So make sure you spend the necessary time and money to keep your car in perfect condition always, not only to prolong its life but also to keep its resale value up.


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