Looking for a new internet provider, but only want to search through the best? Check out our top 5 best internet providers here. We’ve found the best internet providers from around the country and ranked them based on their availability, speeds, and price.

We’ve also weighed out their pros and cons so you don’t have to. If you find an internet provider that appeals to you and your family from this list, check to see if they have availability in your area.

1. Charter Spectrum

Monthly Price: $49.99-$109.99/Mo.

Download Speeds: 100-940 Mbps

Availability: Available in most states across the country with the greatest availability in California, Texas, and New York.

We’ve rated Spectrum first on our list because they have a large service area and their internet plans are all no contract and free from any data caps. Conversely, like nearly all internet providers, they are known for minimal price increases after their new customer promotional period ends. Customers can negotiate for the current promotion, but it will still cost them a little bit more than what new customers receive.

Pros Cons
+ No Contracts Or Data Caps –          Subpar Customer Service
+ Large Service Area –          Price Increases After Promotional Period Ends

2. CenturyLink

Monthly Price: $49-$65/Mo.

Download Speeds: 100-940 Mbps

Availability: Available nationwide with the best coverage and plans in Arizona, Colorado, and Washington.

We’ve rated CenturyLink second on our list because their fiber network has expanded a lot and is impressively available in many areas where big fiber internet providers like Verizon FiOS and Frontier FiberOptic is not. However, like many other internet providers, their service isn’t available everywhere and their DSL plans leave much to be desired.

Pros Cons
+ Fiber Internet In Many Markets –          Most DSL Plans Are Bundle With Home Phone Only
+ Offers Price For Life Internet Plans –          Not Available Everywhere

3. HughesNet

Monthly Price: $49.99-$149.99/Mo.

Download Speeds: 25 Mbps

Availability: Available nationwide and every plan has the same consistent speeds.

We’ve rated HughesNet Satellite Internet third on our list because they’re available nationwide including rural areas. HughesNet has made a lot of progress in terms of improving rural America’s ability to connect online. However, because their service by satellite; HughesNet customers still cannot game online in real time.

Pros Cons
+ Available In Rural Areas –          Has 24 Month Contract
+ No Hard Data Limits –          Can’t Real-Time Game

4. MetroNet

Monthly Price: $49.95-$89.95/Mo.

Download Speeds: 100-1000 Mbps

Availability: Predominantly available in the Midwest and all 100% fiber optic internet service.

We’ve rated MetroNet fourth on our list because they’re a true 100% fiber to the home internet service with no data caps. They’re not available everywhere, but are always improving on their network and expanding. Unfortunately good deals seem to be restricted to holidays and bundling services.

Pros Cons
+ 100% Fiber To The Home –          Not Available Everywhere
+ No Data Caps –          Need To Bundle Internet With Other Services To Get A Good Deal

5. Frontier Communications

Monthly Price: $27.99-$74.99/Mo.

Download Speeds: 6-940 Mbps

Availability: Mostly  available in the northeast with the greatest availability in California, Florida, and Connecticut. The majority of their service area is DSL internet service.

We’ve rated Frontier fifth on our list because while we appreciate their no data cap and their recent no hidden fees stance. They’re last on the list because a good portion of their DSL plans in rural areas have speeds much below the FCC’s standards for high speed broadband internet.

Pros Cons
+ Unlimited Data For All Internet Plans –          Inconsistent Service Offerings That Vary Per Address
+ Fiber Internet Plans Available –          Slow DSL Internet Speeds



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