Gantt Chart Project Management Software

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5 Best Gantt Chart Project Management Software

There are many options, so choosing the right project management software can be difficult. It is important to make sure it meets your needs. However, project management needs can vary depending on the size of the organization and budget, as well as the project management methodology.

A Gantt chart is a bar chart traditionally used in project management to illustrate and track a project schedule.

One of the most used diagrams in the business field is the Gantt chart, a particular type of chart that allows you to sort all activities in well-spaced timelines, so that you can immediately understand the duration of the work done.

These types of diagrams are widely used for example by Microsoft and Mozilla to show the duration of support for operating systems or programs created, but they can be very useful when we have to plan the dates in which the work must be carried out, the dependencies between the different phases and sub-phases, the people involved in the project to be coordinated and many other more or less detailed information.

If we have never created these charts before, in this guide we will show you how to create Gantt charts for projects and schedules using the most popular programs available both in the workplace and in the home. Here is a list of 5 Best Gantt Chart Project Management Software.


Nifty is a Best project based solution constructed to help marketing and product teams manage feedback, association, milestone tracking, task assignment and more. Key features include Agile methodologies, Gantt charts, idea management, customizable templates, file sharing, kanban board, prioritization, project planning/scheduling and status tracking.

Nifty is a Best project

Project managers using Nifty can share files, manage documents with role-based user access, create thread discussions and facilitate collaboration. The solution allows teams to see milestones related to tasks, set dependency of members, compare milestones using custom labels, streamlining workflows across processes. Additionally, the time tracking module offers visibility into.

2) Microsoft Excel

The program we recommend using to quickly and quickly create a new Gantt chart is Excel, the spreadsheet manager included in the Office suite and available in any office or business. To create a new Gantt chart we open Excel and, in the home screen, scroll down the templates page until we find the template called Gantt Project Schedule. A new spreadsheet will open immediately with the diagram ready to use. We can also search for other Gantt templates by typing Gantt in the upper search bar and choosing from the 5 templates proposed by Microsoft.

Some of the less traditional project milestones (Trello, for example) don’t offer Gantt charts.

3) Microsoft PowerPoint

Another tool of the Microsoft Office suite that allows you to create Gantt charts is PowerPoint, the program for managing slides and slides. To do this, open PowerPoint on our PC and, on the home screen, type at the top in the Gantt search bar, so as to start the online search for the appropriate model. We will have 5 Gantt templates to exploit, we choose the one that best suits our needs.

Once the template is open, we will be able to change the title of the slide and also modify the various elements included in the diagram, deciding the name of the various activities, the duration of the various lines of the diagram and the presence (or not) of the important activities, highlighted in our case it gives yellow diamonds.

In the second slide there is usually the diagram legend, so as to be able to provide help in understanding the data entered. Once all the fields have been edited as desired, we click the Save button at the top left to create a copy of our Gantt chart on presentation, ready to be projected in a conference or meeting.

4) Microsoft Visio

The most popular program for flowcharts is, of course, Microsoft Visio, which is more functional than the other Office program, Microsoft Project, which is destined to be absorbed by the cloud platforms for companies. We open this program (unfortunately it is not integrated in Office and must be purchased separately) and, in the start screen, we type Gantt in the top bar, so as to open the model offered online by Microsoft.


At the first start of the model we will be asked to immediately enter the data that will characterize the diagram, such as number of activities, start date and end date of the project and the expected duration.

Once the initial compilation is finished, click OK to generate the actual Gantt chart; to apply all the necessary changes, simply click on one of the points on the diagram or use the convenient side bar, where there are the main buttons to manage this type of diagram. This is the decidedly more difficult choice, but if we are professionals and Visio is our daily bread, a Gantt chart generated with it is definitely a step up from all the other models seen so far.

5)Team Gantt

It is a web application that you can use for free to manage a project with up to three people. There are also subscription plans for less limited use. As soon as you visit the TeamGantt website, immediately compare the interface of a similar to MS Project and you can start creating your project management file right away.

Its use is very simple to manage and plan complex jobs and projects, create the task list, organize the resources involved, divide them into subtasks and set deadlines and durations.

Last modified: October 16, 2020