Imagine this. You are at a club, and you have found a hot chick lady, and she is ready to come back home with you.

As you are about to get out of the club and into your car, you remember your house is dirty, and the thought of what she will witness when you get there makes you feel embarrassed and insecure.

Instead of bringing her home, you give a lame excuse that you have an early morning, so you should call it a night. You come back home alone, lonely.

You don’t want to be in a similar predicament, do you? To ensure that you are always confident in bringing a lady or a friend to your house anytime, you should keep your house clean. And it’s easy to do it.

To help out, here are vital hacks that will ensure that your house is clean at all times:

Say no to Knick Knacks.

Regardless of how enticing they look, keep figurines, curios, tchotchkes, delft pieces, and other collections of whatnots out of your house.

This is because, in addition to making your home look dirty and hard to clean, they aren’t manly, especially when made from dry cloths.

The only knick knacks you should entertain are your prized sports memorabilia, and these shouldn’t be all over your tabletop—have a designated area for them. It will be better to have a specific drawer for them, away from people’s eyes.

Vacuum and dust at least once a week

There is no way your house will be clean if you don’t clean it. How frequently you clean the house depends on how much time you spend in the house.

If you work from home and hence spend most of your time in the house, clean the house at least twice a week.

If you work out of the house and keep the house relatively neat, you can get away by cleaning the house once a week.

To have an easy time cleaning, get good cleaning supplies, such as new sponges, dusters, and brushes. You also should purchase cleaners, ideal for different surfaces.

It’s also wise to invest in a cordless vacuum. While it’s a little expensive, it’s worth the expense as you have an easy time cleaning.

Don’t be messy

To ensure that your house isn’t too dirty, you must avoid being messy. This calls for you to avoid leaving things on the floor. When you drop a paper on the floor, pick it up and throw it in the trash can.

If you make a mess, as you are cooking in the kitchen, don’t leave the mess there for later—clean it immediately.

When the trash can fills up, take the trash outside—don’t let it sit in the house.

Don’t postpone chores.

Most men have a problem cleaning the dishes, so it’s not unusual for them to postpone washing for even a week.

You will not have a clean house if you keep postponing the tasks. You need to beat the laziness and work on what you plan to do.

If you are finding it hard to summon the cleaning inspiration to kick in, hire a house cleaning service in Austin, Tx, to handle the cleaning task.



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