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4 Common Fashion Mistakes Men Make in their 20s

Some of us assume that our 20s are the easiest when it comes to style and fashion, but this is often the time when most men are stylistically challenged. You’re still trying to figure out who you are while transitioning into adulthood.

You still look young, however, and dressing your age is just as important when you’re in your 20s as it is when you’re in your 30s or 50s. Let’s take a look at some of the most common fashion mistakes men make in their 20s.

Only Sticking to One or Two Labels

Men in their 20s tend to be obsessive with the brands they choose. This is often because they’re still very impressionable and influenced by marketing, or they want to join the hype train and wear what everyone else is wearing.

However, it would be nice if you expanded your horizons and looked at other brands as well. Also, don’t make assumptions about designers. Some people may assume that a brand like Versace won’t have great streetwear options, but you’d be wrong. Most fashion designers these days pay attention to streetwear and it has dominated the runway for years. Going with a wide selection of designers will allow you to build a more personal style.

If you’re looking for a great selection, we suggest you check out Versace’s SS21 line at They have one of the widest collections of Versace clothing and accessories online. They have a good selection of logo tees, bracelets, sneakers, and everything you need to build a high-end streetwear look.

Only Sticking to One or Two Labels

Becoming a Hypebeast

Another related issue is turning into a hypebeast. This is when you jump on any hot label and chase everything they have to sell even if it doesn’t suit you. Hypebeasts live to impress others, which is something someone in their 20s is prone to doing.

The first goal of clothing should be to be functional and comfortable. Next, you want it to be great quality. Only once it has met these criteria can you start looking at style.

Before choosing a brand, look at whether the quality matches it. Part of the joy of buying luxury clothes is that you can wear them for years and they still keep the same appearance. So, make sure that the company cares about the quality of their products and are known for their craftsmanship. This will also affect the resale value of your items if you intend to sell them at a later date.

Also, try to take it easy on the over-the-top logos. While it’s fine to have a few here and there, you want to appeal to the expert eye, not impress the average person on the street. Those who know will recognize nice pieces and you will get respect from those who matter while exhibiting style and good taste. This is something very few men in their 20s have and will help you stand out.

Shunning Formal Wear

A lot of younger men tend to hate formal clothing, but only because they can’t pull it off, or they pick options that don’t fit with their age. However, there are ways in which men of every age can look great in formal wear. A younger man can get away with dark jeans at a formal event as long as they have the right blazer. You also don’t have to go with a white shirt, even though every man should have one in their closet.

Something like a Henley sweater or a nice polo shirt can look great under a nice jacket. Also, eyewear can be a great accessory. If you wear contacts, we suggest you switch to glasses for formal occasions. This will help tie the whole outfit together. Sunglasses are also a great option if the weather calls for it.

And just because you’re wearing formal wear, doesn’t mean you can’t funk it up a little. This is where accessories will come in handy. A watch with a nice bracelet will really help you stand out. A nice pocket square is another touch people will notice and will instantly elevate your style.

Not Matching Correctly

Too many young men have little understanding of how to match correctly. Being too matchy with your clothes will make you stand out for all the wrong reasons. You need to understand how to use accent colors.

You also need to understand how to use neutral colors to balance your look. Also, make sure that you understand the color wheel so you can decide which colors work together. Understanding the difference between primary colors and secondary and tertiary ones will be important as well.

These are all very common mistakes many men make when creating a style in their 20s. Make sure that you avoid them at all costs and learn as much as you can before you start building your foundation.