Save on Your Electric Bill

Written by: LIFESTYLE

3 Creative Ways To Save on Your Electric Bill

Saving on your electricity costs is often one of the first priorities for a homeowner and his or her growing family. These charges seem to pile up throughout the years and eat away at your budget on a monthly basis. But saving on your electricity bill is easier than you may have thought.

The truth is that electric rates fluctuate quite a bit, especially during different cycles of the year, and with a few simply tips for shoring up your energy efficiency and electric service itself you can save hundreds on your bill in this new year.

1. Start with an electric supplier comparison.

The first and most direct way to rake in the savings is to evaluate your current electric supplier and their offers on electricity rates. You are likely paying too much for electricity per kWh because you haven’t opted into using a different supplier. Energy providers (the company that delivers the natural gas or electricity that you use in your home) typically use themselves as the supplier as well.

If you don’t compare electricity prices in order to find a better supplier you will simply pay whatever rate the power company decides to charge you, which almost always comes at a markup over the market rate.

Before even considering energy efficiency upgrades that you can tackle to make your home perform better overall, lowering the amount you pay per kWh will almost certainly put a dent in your outgoing bills each month. The average rate direct from a supplier in the U.S. market, for instance is about 13 cents per kWh, yet if you don’t instruct your power company to make the switch to a cheaper supplier you are likely paying more than double that rate.

3 Creative Ways To Save on Your Electric Bill

2. Replace heat leaking elements in your home.

The average high efficiency window lasts for about 20 years on a home. This means that the windows on your house are likely the same ones that were there upon your closing and move into the property.

For those in Tennessee, partnering with a Knoxville window installation team with years of experience in the industry is a great way to dramatically improve your energy efficiency and lower your monthly bills by a sizable margin. Windows transfer heat through their panes – either into your home or out of it.

The vector of heat transfer always goes against the heating or cooling objective you have for your interior space, and the older your windows are the more your air conditioner will have to work to maintain an equilibrium within the home. Working with replacement window contractors is a great way to get a sense for your window options and pick the right, quality products for your home.

3. Look at the energy efficiency rating on all new electronics.


Electronics, from appliances to new cell phones, will give you a guide for how energy efficient they are. Taking full advantage of this information can help you pick out the right new appliances and electronics for your home as your old models begin to deteriorate.

Buying new appliances with high energy efficiency ratings is particularly helpful when trying to lower your electricity bill. These home electronics take up a lot of bandwidth on you overall household energy use and are run multiple times per week, if not every day.

Finding products that fit with your needs as well as your energy saving requirements is a cost effective way to save over the long term. These quality products may cost more upfront but they will save in buckets for you as you continue to clean dishes and clothes.

Saving on your energy bills takes a full-spectrum effort, but it begins with contacting your energy provider. Look up rates in your area and add these additional energy efficient systems into your home to really rake in the savings.