Amazon stands out in the business world because of the crazy speed of increase in the number of Amazon seller centra accounts the company has progressed. Workers at Amazon burnt the midnight oil to ensure the timely delivery of packages across the world over all these years. I have analyzed the businesses to understand how businesses across the globe have been dealing with Customer Experience Management.

The most brilliant of them all is Amazon. Just like millions of others, I also am a proud customer of Amazon. Apart from that, I am a big fan of Jeff Bezos, the man who founded this global retail giant. He is, without a doubt, a role model in customer-centric leadership.

Amazon has a unique strategy for hiring staff and transforming them into leaders by focusing on amazon 14 leadership principles. They strictly abide by these principles that have shaped and guided their day-to-day decisions. It is these principles that keep the entrepreneurial spirit alive and encourage a Darwinian culture intact in the company.

These 14 principles are set in stone and over all these years of struggle of Amazon, these principles have maintained a robust entrepreneurial spirit and an efficient execution-based culture in the company. All employees who join Amazon as employees need to adhere to the principles. Moreover, they scan and shortlist the candidates based on these principles.

We cannot say that Jeff Bezos, by setting these principles, has innovated something new. Corporate values have existed long before Amazon. General Electric has a mantra to follow that steers the company and keeps it afloat in fierce competition. If I give you the task of developing a bunch of leadership principles, you will fire up your imagination and come up with unique material. The point is how well you can keep them in place years after years. Assembling them is one thing, displaying them on a company’s walls is another while putting them and keeping them in practice are something else. It is tougher than you think.

Make Your Business A Success

It doesn’t matter if you are working as a manager, a warehouse keeper, or a delivery man, you must let yourself be guided by the amazon leadership principles. Amazon has succeeded in maintaining strict adherence to these 14 principles right from the top to the bottom tier of employees. That’s remarkable and this is the reason why Amazon has transformed into a retail giant.

Amazon management refers to these rules during the decision-making process, brainstorming about new ideas and problem-solving. One size hardly fits all that’s why you may need to tailor some Amazon principles according to the custom needs of your organization. Here is a rundown of these principles.

Customer Obsession

Amazon is obsessed with customers. While every business exists for the customer, to flourish as a business you must keep the customers’ needs above the competition. The key is not to be overjoyed if you have attracted customers from your competitors, but to retain them for a long while.


Jeff Bezos had a long term plan to take Amazon beyond an online bookstore. The company lost money and faced pressure from shareholders to cut costs, but Jeff Bezos stays defiant because he had planned for the decades to come. As a businessman, you have to plan today for the next five or ten or twenty years if you want to get there tomorrow. No plan means no progress. Also, you have to bear the cost of your plans.

Invent and Simplify

You are highly likely to run into problems when you are managing a business. How you approach those problems show what leadership qualities and stamina you possess. Some people just solve problems while others lookout for innovative and effective solutions. Successful leaders don’t fear trying out new ideas.

Are Right, a Lot

Leaders make lots of decisions during the day. You should make more right decisions to turn the odds in your favor. This demands good judgment and sharp instincts, and informed decision-making skills.

Learn and Be Curious

Leaders never cease learning. They see every problem as an opportunity to learn and improve themselves. They view risk as a way to grow their business.

Hire and Develop the Best

Good leaders can only remain good if they have a good team. Develop a rigorous hiring process in your organization. Hire the very best of those who apply for your job. It has been resonating in the business circles that Amazon only hires a person who is better than 50% of their team.

Insist on the Highest Standards

Successful leaders have constantly pushed their teams to achieve top potential. You must insist that your employees offer customers top services and that they produce high-quality goods. Prepare yourself to tackle resistance.

Think Big

A leader thinks big. You must offer your team guidance when they need. You must inspire them by giving them a bigger vision. Sell your dreams to your team. Only by thinking big, you can achieve big.

Bias for Action

Leaders must make fast decisions to keep the wheel of their organization running. If you can easily reverse your actions, make haste in making those decisions. If you are running a startup, this kind of rapid action is essential for you.


Spend money only when it becomes extremely necessary. The interesting thing is that management of Amazon has established this principle even to this day when the company is one of the most valuable companies in the world.

Earn Trust

Leaders should be trustworthy. People should know that you tell the truth. There should be wisdom in your decisions. Always listen to what others say without feeling self-important.

Dive Deep

There should be no work that is beneath you. Never take small things for granted as it can lead you to failure. You should be aware of what is going on in your company.

Have Backbone: Disagree and Commit

As a leader, you must make challenging decisions even if they affect some people the wrong way. Once you have made a decision, you must follow it until it is reaches its conclusion.

Deliver Results

A good leader ought to be able to yield good results. He must keep promises. If you have set a goal, you must build a plan to reach there. Over-promising and flawed delivery can lead people to lose trust in you.


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