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10 Most Popular & Common Used Baby Boy Names That Start With E

Do you want an excellent, exciting, or magnificent name for your baby, starting with the E letter? Enormous astonishing names start with E, initiating with cultural ones, or finishing with exotic or unique ones.

Why name your child with a Word starting with ‘E’?

Boy names beginning with the E letter are rising stars on the name charts of the baby. CocoFinder offers a top-notch list of E-name baby boys. Despite the common biblical names Elijah and Ethan, the list also includes other commonly used popular baby boy’s names too! 

Along with Elijah and Ethan, E’s name for the boys rank in the United States top 300 is Everett, Ezra, Enzo, Elliot, or Ezekiel. 

Top Baby Boy Names from ‘E’

Here is a list of the 10 common used baby boy names that start with E, such as below:

Common Used Baby Boy Names

  • Easton

Easton means ‘east-facing place.’ This name is the stylish Ivy League ‘ish’ place or surname name. The name ‘Easton’ is considered as the most prominent name beginning with E. 

Additionally, Easton appeared on the standard list at 921 Number in 1995, or it’s now determinedly in the top 100. The name was utilized for her son by Jenny or by Elizabeth for her daughter.

  • Eddie

Eddie is leading to be the most renowned name that comes with the meaning ‘wealthy.’ Many parents now call Edwards, which is not an accurate one to call your baby boy. 

However, it is interesting to notice that Eddie has been in the top 1000 each year beginning in 1880, and it was the critical stay on 100 top through the 1950s.

  • Eden

Eden is the biblical name that has meaning ‘Hebrew,’ which was increasing drastically for the baby boys but has plateaued in recent years. Eden is the most well-known top 100 baby names in France.

  • Edgar

Edgar is the English oldest name that comes with the meaning ‘wealthy spearman.’ The name is historically concerned with a 10th-century English king called Edgar, the peaceful. There was also an eminent persona, known as Scotland’s Edgar. 

This name has been rising on the United States common name lists or especially common with families of Latino. Edgar plays a crucial role in King Lear or has various differentiated namesakes concluding artist Degas, poet or author Edgar Allan Poe.

  • Eduardo

Eduardo originated from Spanish or Italian variation, which has the meaning of ‘wealthy guardian.’ Eduardo is the baby boy’s name of Spanish or Italian. A name is Latin stalwart nomenclature that might act along with Anglos. 

  • Edward

Edward is an English name that comes from the word ‘wealthy guardian.’ This, unlike perennial Willin, James, or John, Edward is the classic name that comes in or out of fashion. Edward was the name of various Saxon or 8 English kings or the youngest son’s name of the recent queen. 

It was an early arrival in the recent world, where there were different Edwards in the colony of Jamestown or six on Mayflower. 

The royal Anglo name has greatly benefitted in recent years because of the hero named ‘Edward,’ in the popular vampire sensation, Twilight. Moreover, Edward Cullen has provided his name with a recent excellent infusion.

  • Edwin

This is also the English name which means ‘wealthy friend.’ Few could be shocked to learn that Edwin has a consistent presence on the list of the common names since the statistics have become apparent. 

The most popular Edwin in the past was the 7th-century martyr known as NorthUmbria Edwin and is the most famous name.

  • Eli

The name Eli originated in Hebrew, which means ‘ascended, uplifted, and high.’ Eli is the last judge or high priest of Israel in the ancient testament, who trained the prophet, Samuel. 

The full name is White Eli which may be an Elijah form or Elliot form. Eli is a nickname for Elin or Elisabeth; in many countries, the Eli is a solid biblical name with lots of energy or spirits and shot up the standard charts in the 1990s; now, it has plateaued in recent years. 

SNL alum Rachel Dratch and Campbell Brown selected Eli for their baby boy.

  • Elias

Elias is a baby boy name that comes with a Greek origin, meaning ‘Yahweh is God.’

Elias’s charismatic appearance was immensely followed by the family members, where Eli and Elijah are simply the offshoots. Elias is the name of an oratorio about Elijah composed by Felix. 

Many characters have been named Elias in novels by Anthony Trollope, Walter Scott, and Thomas Hardy, or in the inventor fame hall is Elias Howe, who is the sewing machine inventor. It was the common middle name of either Robert Downey or Walt Disney Jr’s son Exton.

  • Elliot

The Elliot name is the most renowned name of a baby boy, meaning ‘Jehovah is God.’ Elliot boasts of many spellings, which are based on how many ‘t’s or ‘I’s that you want to utilize. Elison is a winner as it has a good quality of being not too common or weirdly unique. 

Elliot has boosted style since 1980 through the movie young hero ‘E.T,’ who had been named Elliot. Elliot’s namesake includes actor Gould, composer Carter or photographer Erwitt.

Final words

It is pretty clear that the baby boy’s name starting with E, are the most common or prominent ones. The different names showcase their different meanings. After skimming through the list, a person should encounter a deluge version of similar variant names. 

Numerous outstanding names starting with E letters are demonstrating cultural diversities, and that’s why it has become the absolute choice for every parent. The aforementioned baby Boy names beginning with the E letter are the most preferable names. 

Various parents seek extraordinary short or long names for their munchkins, and it is undoubtedly perfect to follow your terms before choosing anyone. 

Consequently, all these names are considered the top 10 most renowned names for boys. So parents, those who have various cultures and variations, might choose one of these cutest baby boy names from the list as per their taste.

Last modified: June 2, 2021