Bar furniture now finds a place in areas other than bars. The trends have changed and now you can find bar furniture in the offices and homes in the UK. Specifically, people like placing bar stools in the living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms and drawing rooms.

These are not ordinary tools, rather specially designed stools available in several different styles. They are small and take reduced space. You can adjust as many as you want even if you lack space in your living room.

So, it is no longer a debate whether you should get some bar stools for your house or office or not. However, you need to find some fantastic bar stools that look perfect when placed in your living rooms.


Are you looking for some bar stools for sale? The good news is you can now buy some of the best bar stools at very economical prices from Furniture in Fashion. It is an online furniture store in the UK where you can shop your desired bar stools online. Here are the 10 best and cheap bar stools for sale in the UK:

1. Ripple Bar Stool In Charcoal Grey Faux Leather With Chrome Base

This is a nice and comfortable bar stool and ideal to be placed in bars, houses and offices. In charcoal grey, it looks fantastic and can be compatible with any set of furniture. It has a great ripped back rest and a niece seat as well.

2. Ritz Bar Stool In Grey And White Faux Leather With Chrome Base

Another grey stool with a faux leather seat. You can sit on it comfortably for as long as you want. It has a chrome base and looks very attractive. There is a footrest as well in order to provide an easy sitting. You can adjust the height as well as there is a gas-lift system.

3. Leoni Bar Stool In White Faux Leather With Chrome Base

This Leoni bar stool has an attractive white color. There is a nice chrome base with a faux leather seat. All in all, it is a perfect piece of furniture. It looks simple and elegant. There is no match for style considering this stool.

4. Leoni Bar Stool In Black Faux Leather With Chrome Base

This is a very similar bar stool, and the main difference is the color. It has a good black color while the rest of features are the same as above. These Leoni stools are quite comfortable and stylish. Also, they are available at very affordable prices and are among the best and cheapest bar stools for sale in the UK.

5. Ripple Bar Stool In White Faux Leather With Chrome Base

Yet another bar stool in white faux leather. With a chrome base and faux leather seat, it is a magnificent stool you can place in your bar, house or office. It has an adjustable height as well, thanks to the gas lift system it features.

6. Zenith Bar Stools In Charcoal Grey Faux Leather in A Pair

This bar stool is actually available in a pair. Why not get a nice pair of stools that are placed close to each other. It can be a great combination of furniture along with other pieces of decor. A charcoal grey color scheme is quite compatible.

7. Bardo Grey Bar Stool In Faux Leather With Round Chrome Base

This bar stool is quite perfect if you want one for your home or office. With a round chrome base and faux leather seat, it is comfortable. Also, it promises durability and will last longer than your expectation. You can expect it to be in a great condition for a long time.

8. Farello Bar Stool In White Faux Leather With Chrome Base

This is a beautiful and stylish bar stool with a catchy color scheme. White faux leather makes it look extremely gorgeous. The Z shape appearance makes it a unique piece of furniture. Want a unique bar stool, there is no better than this. Get one now!

9. Zenith Bar Stool In Charcoal Grey Faux Leather With Chrome Base

The features are quite identical to other bar stools enlisted here. In addition, it has a very economical price. It is definitely one of the best and the cheapest stools in the UK for bars and houses. The charcoal grey color is almost the favorite of the people of the UK.

10. Hesket Bar Stool In Walnut And Black PU With Chrome Plated Base

This Hesket bar stool is a beauty. It is a special piece of furniture here. It has a chrome plated base and a comfortable Seat Pad And Backrest. It is extremely comfortable to sit for a long time. You would never feel tired and uncomfortable sitting on it for a greater duration!

Have you chosen your bar stools? Explore the list again and learn more about the features of each. Choose the stools that are ideal and best fit in your rooms. Also, you are welcome to shop them online from Furniture in Fashion!


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