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Would you like to write for Barbaraiweins.com? We have a keen eye for unique content and we would love to hear your ideas and publish them for our honorable members. You can write to us in the following categories.

  • Hiking
  • Gardening
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  • Hunting

Writing for Barbaraiweins.com allows you to give your content exposure to adventure-loving people who would love your original ideas and first-hand stories of activities such as fishing, camping, and gardening. We heartily welcome guest post writers and we thank you for showing interest in our blog because guest post writers consistently produce engaging and data-driven posts that educate our readers about tips and tricks to make outdoor adventures fun.

What we love you to do for us!

We appreciate original ideas that are backed by reliable facts, figures, and concrete arguments. We look forward to high-quality writing and persuasive style. You may add images in the content that would complement the content. When you add images, also add a short statement on the rights to use and copyright.

What we don’t like!

We don’t want you to write on the topics that have already been covered on our blog. Please give our website a tour before you submit your ideas.

Submission Guidelines

There are some guidelines that you must follow before you submit your post to Barbaraiweins.com. Your guest post should not be less than 800 words. You must include at least two images each 1200 in width. Please take note that we don’t accept content that is related to CBD, gambling, casinos, Bitcoin. Also, we don’t have space for adult content.

Your guest post should be 100 % unique. The content should contain valuable information. It should be void of any technical jargon. If you must add technical terms such as information about outdoor gears, you should add sufficient explanation for each term. You may write a short bio for the post. It is a good idea to provide resources if you mention any research findings in the post.

Why choose Barbaraiweins.com?

We offer 51.0 MOZ DA. We guarantee you that your guest post will permanently exist on your website. You ensure you two DoFollow Backlinks in the guest post. We guarantee our guest post writers that their post will be 100% indexed by the most popular search engine Google. We take extreme care that your guest posts don’t carry any guest or sponsored tags.

How to submit guest post to Barbaraiweins.com?

Contact us: info@barbaraiweins.com