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Are you enthusiastic about creating original content for Barbaraiweins.com? We are open to submission for well-researched and original guest posts. If you like to produce quality content, don’t miss out on the opportunity to write for us.

Our Guest Post Categories

There are many categories that we accept here, however, the most popular of them are gardening and home improvement categories.


The most popular submission on our website is on gardening which is why we would love to accept a gardening guest post. Float an original grass trimming idea for our readers.

Home Improvement

If you have an idea about home improvement and you also know the way to turn that idea into a practical form, you should send your guest post in that category for publishing.

Interior Design

If you are interested in interior design and decoration, we would love to hear from you. Send it off to us.


If you have original concepts to share on the remodeling of your home with our readers, we look forward to publishing your content.

What we look into a guest post?

Your content should contain practical ideas such as steps to take some action. If you could add a numbered list or bullet points to the post, it would be a great read for the readers. This makes your post easy to scan or read.

Teach something to your readers by adding research, facts, and expert input that make your arguments and assertions trustable. An ideal guest post succeeds in making the readers feel the same emotions that you felt while writing it.

What we look forward to your content?

Your content should contain clarity, quality, and interesting information and advice that engage the readers. Here is a rundown of the things you should keep into consideration.

  • Your content should be exclusively written for Barbaraiweins.com. There should be no copyright law infringement. The guest post should contain body text, a headline, and a byline.
  • Your post should have at least 800 words
  • You should add two images that should be 1200px in width
  • Your post should not address topics such as adult, CBD, casino, gambling, and Bitcoin.
  • Your post should contain zero plagiarism.

Why should you publish a guest post on Barbaraiweins.com?

You will get a guaranteed MOZ 51.0 DA. Your guest post will have a permanent existence on our website. We offer you 2 DoFollow backlinks for your guest post. We will ensure 100% indexing by Google. We will not add guest or sponsored tag on the guest posts.

How to submit post to Barbaraiweins.com?

Contact us via info@barbaraiweins.com

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