Marketing and sales are the two components that make up the businesses to get awareness and brand credibility for their customers. It has been recommended by U.S small business administration to spend 7 to 8% of their gross revenue on marketing and advertising. The big ventures who have the revenue of 10billion have a large appetite to invest on digital marketing which is 11.6% Marketing budget. 

This figures explains the potential approach of increasing the share of Marketing, however, the methodology itself is evolving newer and trendier tactics has been implemented lately. 

Technological companies need to understand the digital funnel is expanding, organizations have to look for strategies and an answerable goal to increase their ROI substantially.   

6 Successful Marketing strategies for technology 

Let’s further discover some marketing strategies that can transform the way you market your brand through digital channels. 

Blogs a traffic magnet (help to solve a problem)

As a business owner your job is to solve problems of customers while using your product or service. Whether you have a large bank of loyal customers or you might want to increase the audience level. Customers want to know what is happening in their favorite company, what new experimentation is going on and what will come next in the technological world. All this can happen when you will have a blogging site. Blogs are the main sources of increasing the optimization funnel and can increase your visitors from your sites and brand. For example, Microsoft has its own blogs where it gets deeper into the writing spreading information on technicalities to maintain the engagement tell about all sorts of companies stories etc. 

 Visual content 

Video content has become a trendiest part for marketers to grab their audience. Technological companies can take this opportunity to visualize their product. For instance, a smart phone company will represent their product in a way that shows features, or tell a story about the company’s past and present contribution to their brand. If you are a technology brand it doesn’t mean you must focus on innovation, technical details but it might be funny and unique. The statistics show videos will account for 79% of the global traffic. This estimated result of how big the video traffic can be; many companies have taken initiative to plan a good video marketing strategy by 2020. 

You as an innovative company can go beyond your capabilities to gain active monthly users from videos only. Like educational content, tutorials or how to style videos may attract more users. 

Use Social media platforms wisely 

Utilizing the social channel for targeting your customers and to increase your ROI, plus establishing a proper connection of communication within the area. There is no doubt social media has changed the way people perceive one’s brand, therefore it has made customers stronger as they got the power to shut a company down or establish its affairs to the next level. There are many social sites that are millions and billions of followers which target the niche you want to cater, and what will be the trendy hashtags or content that can easily increase your viewership. Through social media you can also attract famous influencers who can help you expand your business and can be a potential part in marketing campaigns. 

Consume influencers market  

There are times when you as a big firm cannot do much in the field of marketing, being hopeless will not give you good results. However, there are experts, professionals in your field who can be a big support system that make your customers come near you. 

Whenever a company launches its new product they partnered with influencers to grab the audience and make their credibility higher.  As these influencers have millions and billions of followers in their Facebook, Instagram pages they can help increase exposure. For example, people believe the credibility of other people such as reviews about a smart phone by an influencer. When Jack Paul used the latest version of IPhone, a massive amount of customers got interested in the set and the company sales instantly increased. 

Prepare a Tech Event Marketing 

Business events or seminars are also the main source of nurturing your customers. What is going on behind the cameras and who are the people to build such an innovative product or service can be seen through such events. 

Every year there is tech organized by the event team where hundreds of companies come and display their product, telling innovative technological development stories for the customers to be fascinated. Such events provide newer startups to perform best to show what they can offer to their customers. 

Email marketing to create endless relationship 

Email marketing has become more popular in the field of marketing as this strategy can build massive connections and broaden the social network. The main goal of email marketing is to cater the right person, at the right time, and help you segment your niche perfectly. 

Take this as an opportunity to deliver content that is specifically not too pushy nor have too much marketing pitch involved. It has been said by the best assignment writing service uk email marketing is the source of increasing 4400% of your ROI which means 44$ earned on 1$ spend. 

Final thought….

Well, it might be hard to gain enough customers through marketing, if you have a limited amount of budget. However, some cost effective digital marketing tactics can overcome your worries. The above list will provide you an idea of what best strategy is suitable to go with. 




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