Clip-In Hair Extensions Perfectly for a Party


How to Style Your Clip-In Hair Extensions Perfectly for a Party?

Whether you are partying hard, dancing around in your best dress in a club, or staying low at office parties, hairstyles supported with proper extensions will steal the show at the end of the night.

If you think that there are just limited options for styling hair with clip in extensions, you are entirely wrong. With extensions, you can achieve almost any hairstyle you want, especially party hairdos.

From curls to ponytails to beach waves and topknots, there are endless hairdos that you can style with natural hair extensions and clip-in hair extensions.

Are you getting ready for a party? Then you are at the right spot. Given here are a few pretty hairstyles that you can effortlessly set with hair extensions.

Bohemian Waves

Are you throwing a birthday party at your home? Or, are you attending a high-school reunion? Any informal party or any year it may be, one hairdo which is undoubtedly here to stay for a long time is Bohemian waves.

Bohemian waves are the most versatile style one can come up with using clip-in hair extensions. No matter the size and form of your face, this style will complement any look excellently.

With just a few clip-in volumizer hair extensions, hairbrushes, hair spray, and flat iron, you can create a stunning look in merely a few minutes. Once you have clipped in the extensions and achieved the style, you can get going without a care in mind.

Hair Extensions Perfectly for a Party

Simple High Bun

You no longer have to stick to monotonic attire and repetitive hairstyles when attending a formal office party. Turn a simple high bun into an elegant and semi-formal look by adding clip-in extensions to the mix.

This style works best with clip-in hair extensions and real hair extensions because they can add good fullness and body to the high bun.

Clip all the extensions at the right places close together before you pull your hair back into a high pony. Conjure the high bun right on top and use bobby pins to secure it in place.

If the office party is informal, you can level up the high bun style into a messy bun in an instant, and you are all set to go.

Vintage Waves

Vintage waves can be the most sophisticated and dreamy hairstyle when it is paired with clip-in hair extensions. From the classic days to the modern times, vintage waves never went out of style as a party hairdo.

The main element which makes this style a looker is its fullness and volume.  Adding clip-in extensions to the curl brings the best out of it.

Once you finish setting the waves along with the extensions, run small amounts of anti-frizz and brush out the curls properly. Remember, when it comes to vintage waves, brushing is the key.

If you are carrying a purse, throw in a brush to use at the party. Keep an eye on the bouncy waves and brush them here and there during breaks.

Top Knot

An outdoor party with a floral theme calls for a peppy top knot. And, top knots make an ideal style with hair extensions for several reasons. They are on-trend almost every year, they are easy to set, and they complement different attires.

Wearing a top knot with clip-in hair extensions can be achieved easily. Clip in the wefts into the lower half of your hair and a few to the half pony portion.

Finish the top knot and fluff your hair up to give it more fullness. To add more elements to the look, you can add highlighted clip-in hair extensions or some loose curls.

Complete the look with a floral dress, winged eyeliner, and some strappy sandals, and enjoy the breeze at the party.

High Ponytail

Who said that a simple high ponytail could not have a party stopper look? Though it is a simple style, a ponytail added with clip-in hair extensions can turn you into an absolute stunner at the party.

Be it a curly ponytail or a low pony, or a long ponytail, the extensions can wield their magic in the form of bounce, volume, thickness, and length.

You can twist the traditional high ponytail by adding some sleek and sexy waves. If you are going for a chic style, you can also add a scrunchie to the mix.

With clip-in extensions, a scarf, a scrunchie, pearly clips and accessories, and a killer dress, you will get party-ready in no time.

Clip-in hair extensions are a real lifesaver to those who want to flaunt a killer hairdo at parties. Now that you know what hairstyle to choose, you can pick the right dress for the party and doll up like an absolute stunner.

Last modified: July 19, 2021