Heavy-duty Labels

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How Does Heavy-duty Labels Help Your Inventory Management?

If you ever pondered what to choose between paper and heavy duty labels, this article can help. Here, you will find how the latter fits your inventory management goals better.

So, let’s get into the details.

What Are Heavy-duty Labels?

When you hear heavy-duty, you might think the components of the label are somewhat iron made. Awesome imagination!

Unfortunately, heavy-duty doesn’t entirely translate to iron materials when it comes to labeling tags. Instead, it means the said tag fits all kinds of harsh conditions.

In other words, these labels fit all tagging needs – be it indoor, outdoor, residential, commercial, or industrial purposes.

So, what is the component of these “fit all” tags?

Unlike paper tags, heavy-duty labels are products of polyester. That is why they are more durable than general labelings.

Because of the polyester component, heavy-duty tags have resistance to:

  • Dirt,
  • Oil,
  • Temperature (-40°C to 150°C),
  • UV, and
  • Water & splash.

Thanks to those resistances, the heavy-duty tags can work with several surfaces. Some of such include glass, metal, paint, plastic, and polyvinyl.

Now, let’s treat the most critical part of this piece. Why should you choose polyester tags?

3 Reasons Why You Should Pick Heavy-duty Over Paper Tags

Easy Labelling

Despite the rigidity and durability, you can easily inscribe on heavy-duty tags. Even more important than the ease, the inscriptions you make on these labels are clear. The reason is that polyester aids precision.

In essence, using these tags means you’ll realize effective inventory management. How?

When the labels are well-inscribed, tracking products become easy and fast.

Saves You Money

Using heavy-duty tags means you won’t have to replace your labeling aids often. And why would you?

Polyester already ensures that you won’t face issues such as temperature and abrasion. Furthermore, heavy-duty labelings are also known to have a laminated coating.

In the end, you will have less reason to change your labelings. By doing so, you will save money and time.


Labeling is easy & long-lasting, and you also get to save money. Isn’t that what you have always wanted?

Comfortable inventory management!

Besides, heavy-duty labelings also mean less maintenance. These aids have resistance to dirt and oil stains.

Unlike paper tags where you’d have to monitor day in day out, this alternative brings you no such work. All that you need here is to fix and use.

However, there is one condition you should consider to enjoy the stated benefits. What condition?

Get your all-purpose tags from a top brand like IndustriTAG!

Why You Should Choose IndustriTAG


IndustriTAG has over 20 years of experience in developing specialized labeling tags. As such, you can rest assured that you’re getting your utilities from someone who has honed their skills in the industry.


Another reason you should pick IndustriTAG is their personalization aids. With them, you have the opportunity to partake in the design and manufacture of your tags.

That way, you have control over specific details such as size and shape. When you get to decide such, you’ll eventually be satisfied with the end product.

That sounds exciting – doesn’t it? 

Then, you should get in touch and discuss your label tags. Get that long-lasting label that will improve your inventory management today!