Camping is a very common recreational activity all over Australia. Camping is one of the few ways you can get close to wildlife. But if you think that camping using a traditional tent is your best option, you are wrong.

You can take your SUV camper across countless camping areas to enjoy the ultimate camping experience. So, make sure to browse the selection of guardian campers & rv centre to find the best camper for your needs.

Trailer campers are becoming increasingly popular among all types of camping enthusiasts across Australia. But if you are not yet familiar with them, this blog will give you some insight.

Travel campers or travel trailers definition

Travel campers fall into the category of RVs. In fact, they are a pretty common option among Aussie campers. These trailers are often towable, as you can connect them with any vehicle. And the vehicle will tow the camper anywhere you want. So basically, there are no engines to control travel trailers.

In order for travel campers to move, they must be towed behind another motor vehicle. You can use a single ball hitch to make this connection. Travel trailers are not as big as conventional motor homes, but they have sufficient space to maintain a decent lifestyle. Your trailer will have a space for cooking and dining. Also, there will be a compact bathroom and space for sleeping that can be enough for 2-4 individuals.

The advantages of buying a travel camper

Travel campers offer a good way to enjoy camping without having to buy a motor home, which can be quite costly. But owning a travel camper is not just about saving some extra bucks. Here is an overview of the perks of having a camper:

  • No requirements for towing

Travel campers don’t have engines that allow them to move. But they are towable behind any truck of any size or shape. So, you don’t need to buy or rent a huge SUV to tow your trailer. You can get a big or small truck or SUV. Also, a compact SUV can tow your trailer safely and efficiently. Just keep in mind to bring a ball hitch to connect your truck with your trailer to make it move to any campsite.

  • A money-saving camping option

Well, they are not extremely cheap, as you can pay a couple of thousand dollars to get a brand new trailer. Your budget can be as low as $5k and as high as $30k if you want something luxurious and of high quality. This is nothing compared to what you would pay for a brand new Class A motorhome.

You can save some more money if you go shopping for a used camper, but you should consider the extra cost of repairs. Also, you need to be very careful about the condition of the used camper. After all, you don’t want to pay thousands of dollars to repair a used camper. In this case, a brand new camper is definitely more affordable.

  • Major amenities are available. 

Yes, travel campers are not as big as extravagant drivable motorhomes, but they will have everything you need to get comfortable. All the amenities you need in a place to call home will be present in your compact camper. You will have beds, a bath, a small living room, and a kitchen.

  • Variety of shapes and styles.

Trailer campers are not a one-size-fits-all camping solution. They come in diverse shapes and sizes to fit your camping duration, family size, and other needs. There are campers offering efficient insulation that you will need when the weather goes bad. Other more affordable campers are equipped with a pop-up feature, which allows towing for smaller trucks.



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